Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who Needs Kids!?!

Steven has tried to “talk me out of kids” many times. Each time I pretend to listen and contemplate his concerns/points while I am actually daydreaming about Pee Wee football and matching Osh Kosh overall outfits for my beautiful sons (no girls please!). Little does Steven know that every time he makes these suggestions, my internal time line for having children somehow gets moved up. However, he may have momentarily had me convinced this weekend. We were enjoying a lazy afternoon on the couch catching up on the week’s DVR. Steven was lying on the couch with Dixie snuggled into his chest and I was seated at the end of the couch, feet propped up on the coffee table. Bauer (as usual) was throwing a chew toy into the air and chasing it down – providing entertainment for the entire family. Exasperated because Dixie would not come and play with him, Bauer leapt onto the couch and plopped onto my lap just like a small child would. He gave me a quick “love you mom!” lick and nestled in with the rest of us.

It was this precious moment with my husband and puppies that gave Steven the fuel he needed to make his most convincing “How bout we don’t have kids?” speech yet. Seeing my love and affection for Bauer he jumped at the chance to insist, “Why do we need kids? We have everything we need with Dixie and Bauer. No one will ever love us more than they do. They act like children. They demand our time like children. They adore us like a child would. Plus they are a lot cheaper!”

I laughed off his comments at first – but over the past few days I have really begun to notice there might be some truth to his statement. For those of you who do not know my dogs, I will provide a little background. We purchased Dixie at 5 weeks old without realizing how young she was. The horrid trainer at Pet Smart convinced us that she was going to die because she was too young be taken from her mother and we were horrible pet owners. As a result, I would not let Dixie out of my sight the first four weeks she was with us. She slept in the bed with us, sat on the couch with us and I constantly showered her with love and affection. Little did I know – this dog is resilient and nothing phases her. All my pampering and worrying only created a monster. Over a year and a half later, Dixie cannot (CANNOT!) be near Steven or myself without wanting to be in our laps or on our chest. If she feels neglected (pa-lease!) she will actually whine and whimper until one of us yield to her demands and indulge her need for attention. She is one of the most loving, compassionate dogs I have ever seen. But I am certain that Dixie does not realize that she is actually a dog. She is demanding, brassy & incredibly confident. It is clear when Dixie is angry or upset and she has absolutely no problem ignoring Steven or myself if we hurt her feelings. (Sounds a great deal like a teenage girl, right!?!? Lord knows I don’t need two of those running around my house!)

Onto Bauer….I’m not quite sure where to start. Bauer can only be likened to a 3-year-old, full throttle, “isn’t scared of anything” little boy. His energy is overly abounding. There is not a toy that we have purchased for him that he has not found a way to demolish. Additionally, he insists upon chewing my door mats every time we leave the house. It is nearly impossible to reprimand him because he has the most adorable “I swear it was Dixie – please don’t stop loving me” look you’ve ever seen! Majority of the time his spastic antics are too hilarious to make us mad, even though we really shouldn’t let him get away with so much. He worships Dixie just like a little brother would worship his big sister. He annoys and pesters her on a daily basis and is always taunting her to try and get a rise so she will wrestle with him. I find myself smiling often at how child like and endearing his really is.

So as you see, I really am beginning to believe I may have all the family I need. I guess only time will tell what we actually decide to do. But after my reflection, I definitely realize I am set on “kids” for a while!


Lisa said...

Love it!

Life as I know it... said...

hahaha I love how you analyze your dogs so well :)

Erika said...

it's your debt to society to have children because you are both smart and successful. But you're young, live your life a bit. Without kids we can still make really bad life decisions >:)

Stacey said...

You forgot to share about how Dixie won't go to the bathroom in the rain, and that Steven has to take the umbrella for her to go potty in the rain.
And whatever gave you the idea that brothers worship sisters?? HA HA
I can't wait for reality at your house. And if you think your little brother has energy, just wait! With the makeup of you and Steven, I am going to have a blast with my grandchild, and love every time that I get to take him back home... :0

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