Friday, September 11, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This

So this is pretty big. I am considering doing the unthinkable – becoming an Alabama fan. My team is currently, and always has been, Auburn. So this is kind of the ultimate betrayal imaginable. I’m sure that my mother has never been so ashamed of me. But here are my reasonings:

Steven is a die-hard Alabama fan. To an obnoxious point, in fact. There is no chance that any of my children will ever become Auburn fans – EVER. So if I continue to remain an Auburn fan, I am looking a lifelong struggle against my family. I can only imagine the solitude I will feel when my husband and beautiful little boys are all dressed in Alabama gear and cheering in front of the TV and I am still an Auburn fan – forbidden to join in their joy and banter. It’s really a depressing thought.

Additionally, I no longer am surrounded by a single Auburn fan – anywhere. No one to watch the games with, no one to help keep me up-to-date on the latest stats and players. I don’t have time to read all the articles to be in the know. I need to be close to an avid fan who can keep me informed. Considering my husband’s obsession with Alabama football, I would actually be a better Alabama fan than I currently am an Auburn fan. I would know more about the team! And if Alabama and Auburn are ever playing a game at the same time – our TV is always on the Alabama game – no question. So now, I would never have to miss one of my team’s games. Also, tickets to SEC football games are ridiculously expensive! As it is now, if Steven and I want to go to a game together, one of us is paying good money for a ticket to see a team that we don’t even support. If we both cheered for Alabama, we could justify purchasing two expensive tickets to an Alabama game because we would both enjoy the game and be rooting for our team.

All in all, I feel as though this may just be one of those sacrifices that married women have to make. Sometimes one person in a relationship makes changes in order to accommodate and make their lives together more enjoyable. This may just be my contribution. I’m only 24 years old. If I become an Alabama fan now – Steven and I can have many amazing years of Alabama football to share together. This could actually be the tie that keeps our marriage going strong for years to come.

I know if I make this switch I will be shunned by some. I can only imagine the cracks my family will take at me. Everyone other than my mother and sister are Alabama fans – so while I’m sure they will enjoy my change of heart – I know that I will not be welcomed into the fold without a great deal of torture and torment. They will have to make sure that I am Alabama worthy. Steven has already set a list of tasks that I have to complete before he will recognize me as a true Alabama fan. This is proving to be more difficult than changing my last name….

Still haven’t decided yet – but I’m feeling like I should declare my loyalties soon before we get too far into the season. I think I just keep looking for some sort of sign…


Stacey said...

You should be wearing the CROWN not tiara for DRAMA. Seriously if you want to change over then do it. I still have fun watching football with my husband, doesn't mean I want to become and Alabama fan. I never forced you or your sister to become an Auburn fan, you just chose it. You know me, I like being different, makes life interesting. I won't be mad! And if I get a chance to go to an Alabama game, I am sure that I would have fun and even cheer for them. I find this funny - have fun deciding.

Erika said...

Don't be a fair-weather fan and DON'T go to the dark side! Just cheer for Bama with Steven and stay true to Auburn. Or you could just become a Georgia fan!

Christopher said...

i'm pretty sure that whichever team you choose, i'll still hate them, but you should probably stick to your roots, even though i hate auburn fans.

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