Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Least Favorite

Happy Tuesday!  Today's 12 Days Of Christmas Blog Challenge highlights a topic that none of us really like talking about - all the things we don't like about Christmas!  This list is FAR smaller than the list of all the things I LOVE about Christmas....but still no holiday is perfect so I give you my list of dislikes for the most wonderful holiday of the year:

1) Setting the holiday schedule.  Thankfully, Steven and I are blessed with three sets of amazing parents who love us and want to spend the holidays with us.  The not so thankfully part, is that it can be difficult to plan the holidays so we spend quality time with each - especially when my parents and Steven's parents live three hours apart.  I hate, hate, hate having to decide where we will go and when.  Seriously - we almost booked a trip to Jamaica this year just to avoid it (I'm not kidding - grad school kind of put the kabash on that - but we were going otherwise!)

2) Sending Christmas cards.  I know - I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I hate sending Christmas cards.  It's not that I don't appreciate our friends and family.  It's not that I don't want to spread a little Christmas cheer - I just hate having to time picking out the card, stuffing and addressing envelopes & getting everything in the mail.  Blah.

3)  The holiday weight I gain.  I'm not one for will power people.  If there is a yummy dessert nearby, chances are I'm gonna eat it.  Unfortunately the entire month of December is full of yummy desserts, holiday drinks & Christmas parties.  It's a recipe for disaster for my thighs!

That's really about it.  I don't mind the crowds. I don't mind wrapping the gifts.  I don't mind driving back and forth to visit people in insane traffic.  Other than the three items mentioned above, I embrace Christmas and all the craziness it brings each year with open arms and a happy, welcoming heart!

What about you - what do you hate about the holidays??


Lindsi said...

I can relate with your pain of setting a holiday schedule. We are from a big, blessed family too--but we can't be everywhere at once. I always get to feeling like I can't give anyone a decent amount of our time during the holidays. Let me know if you find a solution! :)

Miss Southern Vol said...

we have the same exact ones! haha as you know the family thing is a BIG one for me. I swear I have already gained 5 pounts from eating everything! Its horrible :)

Natalie {Extraordinary Love} said...

definitely the schedule!!!
it's so hard to go between our families and i feel like someone is always upset that we can't spend the time with them and that makes me feel bad : ( I definitely do not like that!

The Wife In Her New Life said...

I'm with ya -- I LOVE the crowds...just not the grumpy ones lol
It's funny that you guys were planning a getaway for Christmas =) You will be happy you didn't I'm sure =)

Ashley said...

I agree with the setting the schedule, it's so tough and there seems to never be enough time.

- - - Abby K - - - said...

You know schedules are always crazy, but around this time they get crazier!
And I feel like I've already gained 20lbs and we've still got Christmas to go!
Back to the gym I guess...

ty said...

Oh weigh gain. Eff, I totally forgot about that.

Christina said...

Ugh...all the sweets around is the worst! They're so hard to resist!!!

An Inquiring Mind said...

I am with you on the Christmas cards!! I appreciate the sentiment of them but they're a pain to do.

Kelly said...

Uggg, I wrote about family time too. Not seeing MY family often enough (in my opinion) sets off a frenzy of selfishness-- I MUST spend time with only them! It is definitely something I need to get over :-P

I'm sooo glad that I'm not at my old office; they had holiday food in the kitchen constantly and HUUUUUGE Christmas Potluck. I will and will NOT miss that this year ;-)

Melissa said...

I love the idea of heading to Jamaica! I hate traveling for the holidays! I would give anything if my parents lived 5 minutes from me just for the months of November and December. =)

Squirmy said...

I totally relate to the holiday schedule. We both have big families and it's so hard to get round and see everyone, that we end up doing stuff individually which sucks a bit!

Oh and the weight gain...I think mine's already started! =)

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Trying to manage schedules is also one of those things that I hate. Given that our families are not in the same city as we are, we have to start having this discussion MUCH earlier in the year. As in, we're already discussint NEXT year's holiday. We get to drag out the problem all year long! :)

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