Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fight Gone Bad

So even though I am a useless Crossfitter these days (thanks a lot stupid knee) - my husband is still going strong. This past weekend, Steven along with 16,000 Crossfit athletes across the country participated in the annual Fight Gone Bad competition to raise money for the Wounded Warriors Project. Over $1M was raised for the foundation.

Although I was bummed not to be able to participate, it was such a blast watching Steven and many members of Crossfit Charlotte kill it for such a good cause.

There is something super hot about watching a man sweat......

Warmed up and ready to go.

Great form on the push press.

Elbows high for the Sumo Deadlift Highpull.

Steven and I have finally convinced one of our closest friends Jim to join Crossfit and after just one week of WODs - Jim participated in Fight Gone Bad and killed it!  Great job buddy!

Jim laid out after giving it his all - and me enjoying a pumpkin spice beer.  Something wrong with this picture??  :)

Congrats to all the Crossfit athletes who competed and raised money for this amazing charity.  Just another one of the many reasons that being a Crossfitter is about so much more than just throwing down at the box each day.  


ashley said...

Good job guys!

Love your hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor said...

im so happy you are posting every day again, you always have the most interesting topics!

& loooove pumpkin spice beer!!!!!!

Meg O. said...

Woo hoo! That is so hardcore!

THE Stephanie said...

Nice!! I wasn't able to make the competition this weekend, but we did FGB last night and it is BRUTAL!!

But I love it. :)

Amy Young said...

That is awesome- 1 Million!! WOO HOO... those guys need it. Looks like fun and for such a great cause.


Michelle (michabella) said...

That is awesome!!! Hahaha mmmmm pumpkin spice beer is the best!!! Have you had Shipyard's Pumpkinhead ale?! AMAZING.

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