Friday, September 16, 2011

I Love It When My Passions Collide

So as many of my long term readers know - I'm what you might call frugal. Some might even say a penny pincher. My husband likes to call it plain cheap. Whatever way you spin it - I love saving money!

When Steven and I decided to start following Zone, I immediately thought of the cost of eating healthy. I worried that we would not be able to stay within our allotted monthly budget for groceries if our entire diet consisted of lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts and dairy products. I had a preconceived notion that eating healthy was expensive.

I'm glad to say - I've been pleasantly surprised to find out that notion was wrong!

It has been rather easy to find cost effective healthy lunch and dinner options; however, I found myself spending majority of our grocery budget on balanced snacks.

I love Greek yogurt. It's packed with protein and offers a conservative amount of carbs. One cup around 3pm each afternoon is enough to hold me over until dinner every night. I'm especially in love with the Key Lime flavor. I swear, if I close my eyes, it's almost as if I'm eating real key lime pie. And who doesn't like to snack on key lime pie??

One tiny problem with Greek yogurt is it can be quite expensive. The average single yogurt pack runs about $1.25. Add that up over a week and you've spent $6.25 just on afternoon snacks!

Thankfully my mother turned me onto couponing. Our local grocer, Harris Teeter, doubles coupons up to $.99. About every six weeks they will triple coupons up to $.99. So I save my Greek yogurt coupons until a special comes along and when it does - I stock up on healthy snacks at a steal.

Harris Teeter is running the triple coupon special this week and they have Yoplait Greek yogurt on sale 10/$10. I had 5 coupons of "Buy 2 Get $.50 Off". I purchased 10 yogurts for $10 on the VIC special. I had 5 coupons for $.50 off which was a total of $2.50 in savings. Triple that savings and I save $7.50 in coupons! I purchased $12.50 worth of yogurt for $2.50!!! I paid $.25 a piece when the yogurt was normally $1.25 each!!!

Call me crazy - but knowing that I saved 80% makes this key lime yogurt cup taste that much better!


Meg O. said...

I didn't know they came out with a key lime flavor for that brand! How awesome! And even more awesome that they were so incredibly cheap! :)

Katie said...

I looovee greek yogurt too! My fav is choboni and fage :)

I wish I had the energy / smartness to coupon lol I just get sick of it!

ashley said...

Haha...I like the sounds of that. Unfortuantely our stores don't double up on coupons or discounts. So depressing. :(

I'll have to try keylime greek yogurt!

Kelly said...

I like the strawberry cheesecake :)

I've been watching your mom and the couponing on facebook...she said that on her next visit she would hold a couponing class....that was several months ago.

I live south of you about 30 miles, so Harris Teeter is a little hike..but I might make that hike later for triple coupons!!!!

Jessica said...

Where do you find your coupons?! Online, newspaper?

THE Stephanie said...

Gotta get back on the Zone. I kind of feel off this week due a batch of Pumpkin Bread that I made. Oops!

Rebekah said...

I'm not a huge fan of yogurt, but I'll have to try that flavor! That's awesome that you got it so cheap!

Mateya said...

I love greek yogurt but I suck at couponing. Wish I could be better. Teach me!!!!

Lil' Woman said...

That is awesome...I so want to try the couponing thing but I need a Couponing for Dummies class first :)

Laura said...

totally agree :) And i love greek yogurt too.. sometimes I splurge and get the Oikos brand.. it's my fav - but I try to wait until Whole foods puts out coupons or another grocery store has them on sale :)

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