Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bursary of Bliss

Kristen over at Windy Poplars posed a very good question during last week's edition of her Kindred Spirit Party. She discussed the importance of identifying people, places and activities that bring you joy and enrich your life. It is important to identify your Bursary of Bliss and include such items in your life on a regular basis in order to feel fulfilled and content. She got me thinking - what does my Bursary of Bliss consist of? What makes me smile, makes me happy, causes my soul to feel at peace even when things are stressful? Surprisingly, I was able to think of many things that make me a happier me.....
~ A good run with Dixie. I enjoy the easy rhythm between the two of us. I love how she prances at my side and how content she is while we are running together.
~ Reading late night with hubby. It’s peaceful to lay in bed side-by-side while silently reading. It’s a great way to end a long day and relax before bed.

~ Sunday afternoon naps with hubby and my puppies. I’m not sure how, but somehow the four of us manage to fit onto our couch and crash for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. It’s generally the best sleep of my entire week.

~ Coffee with a girlfriend.

~ Sunday night Life Group. This is one of my favorite times during my week – digging deeper into God’s word and searching for His will in my life. It’s a time of fellowship and rejuvenation for my soul.

~ The beach – I don’t care what I’m doing. Any activity on the beach is rejuvenating – Vitamin D is like a happy pill for me!

~ Blaring the radio and singing at the top of my lungs during a road trip. PURE THERAPY!

~ Date night at the movies.

~ Spending time with my family. It’s good to feel like you belong – and the place that I feel most secure is with my family.

The list could go on and on. When I think about it – I have been given so many blessings. God has enriched my life with people and activities that bring me so much joy and happiness. If I’m honest, most days I focus on the trials and stresses that cause me pain. Instead, I should focus on how great my life is and be thankful for each day. I think I’m going to take Dixie for a run tonight after work – focus my thoughts on being content and grateful. That would be a nice change of pace for me!


d.a.r. said...

I love how happy and at peace you sound. You are a true inspiration!

ps-working on an email for ya :)

Mateya said...

Sounds like a great list to me! :)

Kristin said...

Yay! It IS therapeutic, isn't it? Sometimes we're just not consciously aware of the things that calm our souls, but having them down in writing inspires us to keep more of them on our "to-do" list!- So glad you participated...I hope it was a blessing to you! Oh, and P.S. did you check out the shoe I chose for you?

Ms. Emily Ann said...

That's such a great idea - I need to think of my bursary of bliss, although we do have many of the same things that make us happy :)

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

SUCH great advice!!! It helps with sadness and/or anxiety! I went through a little anxiety seminar a couple years ago and thinking of things that make you happy and all your blessings was a step and it helps tremendously!! :)

Make sure to enter my Stella and Dot giveaway when you get a chance!! http://sweetsoutherncupcakes.blogspot.com/2010/07/stella-and-dot-giveaway.html

Charlotte said...

great list!!! We always read in bed at night too!!

Carolyn @ life, love & puppy prints said...

I gave you an award... come check it out! :)

Brittany said...

This is great. I also agree that the beach, sunday afternoon naps and blaring the radio is pure bliss :) Love this post Amber!

Melanie said...

You came up with some great ideas on your bursary of bliss list (ha that rhymes!)! I love sunday naps as well..it IS the best sleep..isn't it?! Reading helps me to relax as well..I always try to grab a magazine before bed (helps to have a fresh stack by the bed)!

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