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Eat It. Work It. Blog It. - Week 1

**I know this is a super long post - and I don't generally do super long posts - but if you'll just keep reading it's worth it. I promise!**

So as many of you know, I've been on a journey to a lighter, more fit, happier Amber over the past five months.  But maybe I should share what has led me to this weightloss journey.

I've never been thin.  *Ever*  I was a chubby kid - cute - but chubby.  Although I grew out of the "baby fat", I remained we'll call it "thick" throughout high school.  I was that teenage girl crying in the dressing room because her butt just would not fit in junior size jeans.  In college, I was one of the largest girls in my pledge class - not the largest, but definitely one of the larger girls.

I'm not saying that I'm ugly - or that I've always felt ugly.  I'm not saying that I look at pictures of skinny girls in magazines and wish that could be me.  I'm simply saying - weight has always been an issue for me.  A part of it is genetics - I've got my mama's thighs and hips and there is no changing that.  But the real problem is my lack of self control. 

I could easily eat a Snickers and an entire bag of salt & vinegar chips in one evening if I wanted to.  I could eat fast food one a day and not think twice about it.  It's very easy for me to mindlessly graze on high sugar, empty calorie snacks all day long and never consider the impact of that grazing on my waist line.  I could go weeks, maybe months, without exercising.  Basically - I was a fat girl because I choose to be a fat girl.  (Please note - I use the word "fat" very loosely.  I believe skinny/fat/chubby are relative terms that apply differently to different people.  I was by no means actually fat - but I felt fat and that made me a fat girl.)

I lost about 15 pounds before our wedding and I felt great.  (Most of the pictures you see on my blog are from my wedding or around the time of our wedding.)  I was by no means a size 2, but I felt comfortable in my skin and I was happy with my body.  As I settled into married life, I put those 15 pounds back on.  Seven months after we were married, I started my weight loss program again and dropped the 15 pounds.  But somehow between November 2009 and August 2010 I managed to put 20 pounds on - TWENTY POUNDS!

I woke up one morning about five months ago and I'd had enough.  ENOUGH! I truly didn't recongize the woman in the mirror.  I hated getting dressed in the mornings because none of my clothes fit, but I refused to buy new clothes because I refused to acknowledge that I had gained weight.  My sex drive was basically nonexistent.  This had *nothing* to do with my husband - but more the sheer embarrasment I felt at the thought of him seeing me naked.  My weight gain was a catalyst for a complete breakdown of my self confidence.  I no longer took the time to apply makeup or fix my hair.  I bit my nails and avoided spending time with friends.  I was sad and pathetic and I only had myself to blame.  As I looked at my tear filled reflection that Wednesday morning all I could think was, "How the hell did you do this to yourself!?!?!"

And that was it....that was the spark that I needed.  Steven and I decided to find a gym that we both enjoyed going to and within a week we had joined CrossFit Charlotte.  Coach Andy, the owner, encouraged both of us to try The Zone Diet and within a week we were "In The Zone". 

There have been a lot of ups and down for me throughout the past five months.  By no means have I stuck to my diet the way that I should and it took me some time to fully commit myself to a steady workout routine.  But now - I'm there.  I'm over the "trial and error" phase of this lifestyle change and I know the right foods to eat to fuel my body and I am getting my butt kicked on an almost daily basis at CFC.  I've lost 17 pounds so far and I've got 15 pounds to go.  I know that I can do this.  I know that I am strong enough to accomplish this goal - especially with support and encouragement from people who care about my success.

And that's where my idea for "Eat It. Work It. Blog It." came into play.  I know that many bloggers are on a journey of their own to accomplish weight loss or fitness goals.  Some may want to lose 20 pounds or more.  Others may simply want to clean up their eating habits and incorporate exercise into their daily lifestyle.  Whatever the goal, I think it would be SO much easier to accomplish that goal with the help and support of other bloggers.  To share your "Do's & Dont's".  To share your favorite recipes or favorite healthy snack ideas.  To share your triumphs and failures.  To hold one another accountable and celebrate each other's success.

I thought we might give this a trial run....just for the month of February to see how it goes.  Each Tuesday post your "results" for the previous week (Tuesday - Monday).  Post your Eat It. (Diet choices throughout the week and share any new recipes or snack suggestions.)  Post your Work It. (Exercise routine throughout the week.) Post your Blog It. (How did you feel?  Did you experience any breakthroughs on your journey?  Did you find a new favorite exercise or learn something new?)

So today begins the first Tuesday of Week 1.  If you would like to join - link up!  Today just simply post what eating habits you plan to follow during the month, what exercise routine you hope to start and what your goals for the month of February are.  Also, feel free to share a little about yourself and what made you decide to take this challenge.

So - now that I have said all that (and that really was a lot - I promise it won't be this lenghty going forward!) let me share my Eat It. Work It. Blog It.

Eat It:
I intend to follow The Zone Diet 6 days a week.  I will eat three meals and two snacks each day that are balanced with healthy proteins, carbs & fats.  I will take a cheat day each week to indulge myself - however, only one cheat day per week!

Work It:
I will complete at least five WOD's (Workout Of the Day) at CrossFit Charlotte each week.

Blog It:
It is my goal to lose eight pounds during the month of February and to do a body weight kipping pull-up.  I will encourage the other women who link up to Eat It. Work It. Blog It and I will be grateful for the small victories this week!

See - nothing to it! Now I just have to stick to my goals this week and report back next Tuesday!



Ashleigh said...

You go girl! I'm gonna need your motivation come spring time when it's time to lose this baby weight! Keep up the hard work!

Rissy said...

I get a little carried away when I try and lose weight so right now, I am trying to concentrate a lot less on food, exercise, and size.
I totally am cheering you on though!!! Get it girl!

Renée said...

Good luck! You can do it!

Jessica said...

I love this! Your story is SOOO much like mine. I just linked up and am excited to keep going, we can motivate each other and knock this out girl. ;)

Tyly said...

Love it!

I have absolutely no filter letting me know when enough is enough! I can eat junk all day, all week for an entire month and not think twice about it. Ice cream for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between? Why not? My story is so much like yours!!

You are so completely motivating, and I thank you for your honesty!

PS - I received my very first rude anonymous comment on my last post. I feel like a blog celebrity now! Haha! Only the cool blogs get rude trolls. :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Wow!! 17 lbs?! Good for you, Amber!! I have had ups and downs with body image, and it really is all about being healthy which leads to feeling confident! Your story, and this post is an inspiration!

I cant wait to follow the next steps of your journey, and I am always looking for new, healthy recipes :)

d.a.r. said...

I'm so proud of you and happy you are making awesome changes!

Mateya said...

You're amazing. Period.

Kelly said...

Oh wow - I Love this idea...maybe I can find the will power to actually stick to this! I will blog with you on Tuesday!

Livin' our Love Story said...

This was amazing. Its like this post came from my heart! I am 5'10 and I have myself never been thin ( except for my engagements and wedding)Ive always been the giant, that was a little chubby. Like you said, not fat, but just cue and chubs lol! since the wedding I have put on, omgoodness........50 pounds. Now I was the thinnest I ever was at the wedding, and that was not a normal thing for me. So I am wanting to loose 30. Its hard because I teach, and coach, so I work from 6-6, but I need to find the time, and maybe try this diet. Good luck girl!

Brittany said...

Are you sure you weren't talking about me when you wrote this post? (minus the chilhood thing) My weight started getting bad when I graduated! (late night partying and eating terrible!) I've lost those lbs though but want to lose 7 more lbs. (I want to be in the mid 120's) Yes, I just put that out there lol.

I mindless eat ALL the time and it's terrible for me! I think by posting, I'll be holding myself accountable and everyone can cheer me on to do right. Good idea Amber :)

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