Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time For A New Me

First I want to say (once again) thank you so much for all of the well wishes and congratulations regarding my new job and this exciting time in my life.  I'm becoming more and more excited each day and it's so encouraging to hear all the positive things each of you have had to say.

As you can see, I've got a lot of big changes going on around here.  New job, new wardrobe, new body, a general new outlook on life.

So I'm thinking it may be time for a new blog design.  I've loved my current blog design for the past year.  I got it as a present to myself for my 25th birthday.  I learned so many challenging and difficult lessons during my 25th year.  I would definitely say it was the most difficult year of my life to date.

I'm looking forward to seeing what 26 has to bring.  I feel like I'm getting better with age.  Learning how to appreciate my friends, family and husband.  Learning how to dress for my body, apply makeup and style my hair.  (I'm serious...I've never been fashionable or trendy.  I've made leaps and bounds in my personal style and appearance this year!)  My faith has grown immensely during this past year.  Most importantly, I'm learning to be comfortable in my own skin.  I'm proud of the woman I'm becoming.  I'm proud of my accomplishments.  I'm even strangely proud of my failures because without them I wouldn't truly be able to appreciate my triumphs.

With all this personal transformation going on, I just feel like it's time for a blog design that accurately depicts the new me.  The move away from a young twenty something struggling with her identity into a mid twenty something gaining confidence with every passing year.

So that's where you all come in.  I need suggestions for great blog designers.  I'm a complete believer of referral business and I will feel so much better about working with a designer if I know someone who has used her (or if that designer is one of my readers!)  I don't have a ton of money, so please let me know if you are or know of an affordable blog designer that can help me create a blog design for this upcoming year.

Thanks again for all the support.  :) :)


d.a.r. said...

Krystyn at KrizzyDesigns! I loved working with her for both my redesign and the tweaks she has made this past year. She is SO fast and so sweet!

Jennifer said...

Jenn over at

I love what she came up with and was so easy to work with!

Rebekah said...

How fun! I can't wait to see what you decide on. I loved the girl that did my design.

Anonymous said...

i wish i knew one (or had the funds right now to hire someone!) im excited! i love ur current design, but i understand what you mean when you say you're ready for something new that might represent who you are at 26 in 2011 rather than last year :-) i think the biggest sign of growing up and getting wiser is becoming more comfortable in your own skin :-)

if i see any web designers, ill throw them your way... but as you can tell by my blog (which i did on my own, that is why it SUCKS), i dont really know of anyone LOL!

Meg O. said...

Hey Amber! I am so happy for all of the awesome new things going on in your life! I do blog designs, actually (although I'm not a business). I've done my own and a few friends. I can show you the designs. I am more of a simple/modern/minimalist designer instead of a scrapbook one. If that's what you like, I'd be happy to help you out and do it for free to build my portfolio!

ty said...

Will you let me know who you find? I'd like to vamp up mine too :)

Amanda said...

no suggestions since I'm a free Blogger template girl, but I love that you're so excited about the future! :) I'm really loving this season of life!

Becca said...

Can't wait to see what new design you get! I'm sure whatever it is, it will be beautiful!

Jessica said... and do great work!!!

Jessica said... and do great work!!!

Cait said...

keep us posted on which ones you like/don't like- i'd love to change mine up too! happy thursday!

Rissy said...

I know nothing about blog design... I mean clearly you have seen my blog ; )

I am so excited for everything that is going on in your life!! I'm only 23, but I still see so many changes in myself from the college me. It's exciting stuff huh?


KatieB. said...

I love! Simple but beautiful designs!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you do! I use Jen over at She's super-fast and super-sweet!

Stacie said...

I'm a free template user myself but I wanted to say congrats on the new job, I'm really excited for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm not "officially" open for business but since I love you (and your blog), I would be willing to chat about what you want to do with your blog!?

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I don't have a reccomendation for you, but I do love your blog. I found you through Lisa at Must be doing something right. Congrats on your new job.

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