Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Shopping For Hubby

While I am sitting here watching my husband and brother-in-law play PS3 (which to be honest I have zero interest in doing), I figure I will write a quick post about how frustrating my irritating adoreable husband can be.

Steven and I have been playing, "I would love **** for Christmas" for over two months now.  As a result, we both have a pretty good list going and an equally good idea of what to buy for one another.  Three weeks ago we made a promise, "Neither of us will buy anything until after Christmas - no matter how big or small!"  I have done an exceptionally good job of keeping that promise (I even passed over a $15 pair of incredibly sexy boots on sale!)  Steven, on the other hand, has failed miserably!

Steven is an avid reader and goes through books like underwear.  His favorite author is David Baldacci and I was very much looking forward to surprising him with his latest book "True Blue" in hardback.  I received an incredibly unpleasant phone call during his most recent business trip. "Hi honey - love and miss you.  Landed in CA safely - bought the David Baldacci book at the airport gift shop.  It's awesome!"  Seriously!?!?!  What part of "don't buy anything" do you not understand mister loving husband?? I lovingly berated him and reminded him of our promise making him swear not to buy another thing.

The next day, I took "True Blue" back to Borders and exchanged it for the newly released unedited version of "The Hangover."  A hysterical comedy that I know Steven will absolutely love.  That night I receive another tragic phone call.  "I am going to buy The Hangover.  Is that okay??"  Well I can't exactly say no now can I? I want his Christmas presents to be a surprise so I am up a creek without a paddle.  "Sure sweetheart - but whatever you would like."  To make matters worse, he comes home with the theatrical version.  Everyone knows to buy the unedited version - it's so much funnier!

So that was it.  I just needed one more $20-$30 gift to complete his shopping and ruined my best attempts.  At this point he just might be opening a pair of flannel, polar bear pajamas on Christmas day.  Serves him right.  :)

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A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Cute blog, and the title is fun! I am a newlywed and we have a couple of dogs as well. Life is good! (-:


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