Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Housework Tuesday Emergency!

Happy Housework Tuesday to everyone!

I would like to start this edition by saying thank-you to everyone who entered my giveaway. I have loved using the Motivated Moms Chore List and I am so excited to pass this little jewel onto a lucky reader. So without further ado, the winner is Mrs. P at A Little Pink In A World Of Camo. I promise, promise, promise that I compiled a list of all entries and used a random number generator to determine the winner. Unfortunately, my camera is out of commission and I cannot document this – but take my word, it’s true. Congrats Mrs. P! For a new mommy this should be very helpful. I will contact you shortly on the best way to get the download to you.

Now onto business…I have a rather interesting story to share regarding housework emergencies that happened just last night. Our puppy Bauer had an upset stomach Sunday night. He woke us up at about 1am and 4:30am to go outside so we knew he wasn’t feeling well. Coincidentally, we had a vet appointment scheduled for him Monday after work so we figured we would get the vet to look him over and make sure everything was okay. We put Dixie and Bauer in their cages Monday morning and headed off to work.

When we got home yesterday evening, the smell of dog poo filled the entire house. Steven looked at me and said, “Oh no – I bet he got sick in his cage.” Sure enough…we entered the office and found poor Bauer huddled into the corner of his cage – POO covering his blankets, his cage and the walls surrounding his cage. Steven quickly grabbed him, took him outside and then headed to the vet with him.

I was left with unfortunate task of cleaning up the mess. (Steven has had to do this once before – so I guess we are even now.) I threw Dixie outside because she kept trying to get into Bauer’s cage – oh yeah, she is the dirty kid at school. The smell was overpowering. S.O.G.R.O.S.S. I knew that I had to clean up the mess as quickly as possible otherwise I was going to be sick.

I threw Bauer’s blankets into the washing machine and used extra detergent. I ran into the kitchen looking to prepare my arsenal of cleaning supplies for my attack on Poo Mountain. I grabbed my Bounty paper towels, Windex antibacterial and Clorox wipes. I searched and searched under my sink for my trusty rubber gloves only to remember that I previously decided I didn’t need trusty rubber gloves. My thought at the time was Honestly – this isn’t the 50’s - who washes their dishes with rubber gloves these days? My thought now is IDIOT – get the gloves!

So there I was bare handed, cleaning up poop. I will spare you the gory details (poop under the cage, in the cage, three feet up the walls and in the cracks of my baseboards!) On more than one occasion I had to run outside and get some fresh air. When I looked down and realized that I had poop under my fingernails I ran to bathroom fully expecting to become sick myself.

All I can say is thank goodness for Bounty paper towels. Those bad boys truly do clean up *any* mess! They are the quilted, quicker pooper picker up! After dousing the office and Bauer’s cage in Lysol, I scrubbed my hands and arms doctor-style under scalding hot water with Dial soap. Finally – I could rest in peace, my house was poop free once more. We lit some candles and moved on with our evening – boy what a night!

I learned many valuable lessons from this experience:
- A proper house should always have a pair rubber gloves in case of emergencies. You never know when the $#*t might literally hit the fan.
- Don’t skimp on cheap paper products – buy Bounty – these bad boys are worth their weight in gold!
- The lingering smell of poop mixed with Lysol is not exactly welcoming. Keep fragrant candles on hand at all times.
- Don’t be afraid of a little poo – it’s just poo. It will come out in the wash – but it’s best to wash everything twice just to be sure!

So what about you? Any housework horror stories to share? Any trusty products that rescued you in a time of need?

Happy Housework Tuesday!


MG said...

Oh no! I hope that Bauer is feeling better! Sadly, I think every dog owner has had to experience something like that at one point!

As for rubber gloves, they may not sound fancy but they sure do help prevent drying your hands out when you do dishes!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ugh dog sickness is the worst! weird i can do major puke/poo explosions from the kids, but the dog vomit or poo makes me gag! ha ha
and boo to not winning, but YEA to the winner! lucky girl!

Kara said...

I had the same exact thing happen to me twice last last week with our puppy, Ali!

I will agree good paper towel and fragarant candles are a must in this situation! I was lucky that it was still warm out from the mini-heatwave here in TN last week and I was able to open the windows to fumagate!

Leesie said...

Oh no fun, I hate when these things happen. I hope your doggy is feeling better. I guess it's good training for kids too because I'm sure instances like that are bound to happen. I'm buying me some rubber gloves!

Sole Matters said...

That poor baby! I had something similar happen to my dog. My ex fed him a hot dog. YEAH, a friggin hot dog. I have an 8lb yorkie. I had him in the tub with tweezers picking the undigested hot dog and poo out of his ass. THAT is love.

Amber said...

Yucky! That's no fun! Rubber gloves do come in handy!

We have a cat that somehow manages to get little splatters of poo on the walls, even though he has a covered litter box! How the heck?

Tori and Chad said...

That's so weird - Jackson got super sick last week and I spent the majority of the week cleaning up poo too!

We had a vet appointment on Saturday and I had mentioned that he had an upset stomach earlier that week, likely from eating anything and everything he can get his little paws on so I asked her for recommendations.

The doc said that Nature's Miracle is in fact a miracle - and if there is any sort of poo stain on our cream colored (why do all rentals do that) carpets, to use OxyClean with Woolite spray. I couldn't find said spray but on Sunday, I was so tired of this one little spot that I hadn't been able to get out, that I grabbed my bottle of Shout and scrubbed a bit and had normal colored carpets again! So if there were any spots you couldn't get out, try using laundry spot remover. That's what I learned this week about dog poo.

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

OH no! I hope Bauer is feeling better. When our dog was sick a few months ago, she kept pooping in front of the doors because she was TRYING to get out. THE FIRST one was in my bedroom. I had the door shut that night- I think it may have been summer and the AC was on. But anyway, I wake up to her pacing around the bedroom so I go to let her out, but there was a PILE and I mean PILE of poo RIGHT in front of the door- the soft kind and I couldnt open my bedroom door with it there...So, I look around my room...NOTHING. My tissue box was empty. I had to ...I am gonig to gag thinking of it, but I had to push it out of the way with my bare hand! I IMMEDIATELY ran to the bathroom and got sick myself. I have NO stomach for that sh*t. My husband can handle it easy peasy, but of course HE WAS away working that week she was sick.
I Got gloves after that week of her sickness. so yuck.

Tiffany said...

hope your dog gets better soon. ={
I am a animal lover and when my dog gets sick I get so upset... She is like my baby

Chelsey said...

Girl, I use my gloves for everything! I even have several pair of gloves! That is my first, and foremost cleaning staple! :) I use them when cleaning dishes, the toilets especially, and any other time I feel like it. I can't stand my hands touching that crap! (no pun intended :) Hehe..

tara said...

i hope your puppy is feeling better! your story brought back so many memories... from sept-nov we were there "everyday"! our beloved weimaraned was battling colon cancer. sadly he lost his fight on 11/02.
i completely agree about not buying cheap paper towels! :)

tara said...

sorry i meant weimaraner

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Oh no! I hope your pup feels better!

Tickled Pink said...

oh no! totally been there and you are right- its the absolute pits! hope your puppy is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Oh! :(

Rubber gloves are definitely a must!

Kelly said...

Aww, the poor pup! :-( Is she okay?

Our black lab when we first got her had the nervous thing going on and went on some newspaper in her kennel, FOLDED UP the newspaper and scooted it to the corner :-) It's sooo her personality to do that too.

As I was reading your post I was thinking to myself, "I hope she had rubber gloves!!!" Come to think of it, I don't think we do either. Must get some this weekend! :-)

Mrs P said...

AHHH I WON I WON I WON!!!! I'm Soooo stoked, I WAY wanted this one. It's the first one I won woo hoo. I knew you were my favo blogger for a reason ;-) ;-) haha.

I am glad you got through the poo disaster, in the baseboards, yuck!! I hope the pups is ok though!

Anonymous said...

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