Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Love ~ I Hate

I’ve seen other bloggers list their “I Love/I Hate” so I figured it might be a good time to give you a few of mine….


I love Coach – love, love, love it!

I love Sunday afternoon naps

I love Boxers – especially Dixie & Bauer

I love the Twilight Saga – yes, I’m almost 25 and in love with fictional characters – sue me.

I love beach vacations – put me in a chair on the beach with sun in my face and cold drink in my hand – FABULOUS!

I love going to the movies – Steven and I see a movie almost once a week, it’s our thing.

I love Grey’s Anatomy – love me some McDreamy & McSteamy

I love Starbucks – I try to limit myself, but I have to have it at least once a week!


I hate being wet in my clothes – spray me with a water hose or throw me into a pool and I will LOSE IT

I hate ACE & TJ (Charlotte Radio Station – 95.1) – they are rude and obnoxious

I hate cleaning my hardwood floors – 2 hours!! 2 hours!!

I hate it when people talk/text/email on their phone at dinner – if you are out to dinner/drinks/coffee with a friend – put your phone away – it’s rude. Your mother raised you better and if she didn’t – she should have.

I hate cats – I know…I know…I’m horrible…but they are SO moody

I hate people who change lanes without using their blinker – Can’t.Stand.It!

I hate Wachovia – NO customer service, NO sense of accountability, NO more money from me!

I hate women who own HUGE SUV’s but can’t drive them – if you can’t park it – don’t drive it! (This is why I have a small sedan!)

So there are just a few things I love/hate. Sorry if I hate something that you love or love something that you hate. It’s not personal.  :)

On another note – I posted that I’m willing to answer any questions you may have about me/my life/hubby/etc. No questions have been made yet – but I will answer any on my post Sunday so let’s hear those questions!


Ams said...

Grey's Anatomy tonight :)
wooohoooo! I love your lists!

Stacey said...

Great the thing that stuck out the most was that you were almost 25 - wow that makes me the mom of a child that is a quarter of a century old! HA HA. But at least I am not a half century old!

brittany said...

i completely agree with every single one of these except one...i cannot stand grey's anatomy...don't hate me! hahah.

but give me a beach, a drink, and some edward cullen and i'd be in heaven! :)

Stephanie Hartman said...

I Love this I totally agree with the SUV thing if you can't handle it then don't get it lol...I Love Twilight I'm on team Jacob...


xoxoKrysten said...

Pretty much agree with all of this. Cute blog!

Risley said...

Love your loves and hates!
I drive a huge suv and I feel like I get a standing ovation when I park, I drive it, I should be able to park it people!!
um cats, ya, Im with you!! lol

d.a.r. said...

Haha I loved reading this. I actually freakin' HATE going to the movies. It is like pure total torture for me, ick. My poor hubby, he loves going, maybe I should send him as the third wheel with yall? :)

Mrs. Potts said...

I so wish I could be on a beach right now with a drink in my hand. Actually, I'd love to live on a beach.

Loving the warm up in CLT weather we're having today!

Annie said...

i love sunday afternoon naps as well! actually just naps in general ;)
cats, not my fave either.
a warm sunny vacation sounds perfect! i haven't been on one in years :(
fun post sweets!

Miss Kriss said...

Oh my goodness! Girl, you and I have so much in common! And seriously, random true story about Ace & TJ. Way back when when I was in High School, they got their start at a little radio station in Huntsville, Alabama (my hometown) called WZYP. I couldn't stand them even then! Now they have moved on to bigger and better stations, and I still can't stand them! When I lived in Tuscaloosa for law school, they were syndicated on a Birmingham radio station and I was literally appalled. So needless to say, I can't stand them! Ugggh!!

P.S. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!

Kari said...

i love what you love! but i stopped watching greys awhile back and feel it might be too late for me to get back into it. and i to hate (capitalized and underlined in bold) when people talk/text during dinner - and people who text during a movie, don't get me started

Kelly said...

2 HOURS to clean your floors?? ;-) I would hate to clean them too!

Oh, and you would LOVE my cats if you got to know them ;-)

Since I'm a new follower... here's a few questions:

What would you call your greatest accomplishment so far?
What is your favorite book/author?
What do you love most about where you live?
What do you love most about your hubby/married life?
Edward or Jacob? :-D

Tiffany said...

I want to do a "I LOVE ~ I HATE" but I feel like it would be a copy of yours. LOL...

I love/ hate alot of the same stuff

My Life As I Live It said...

I used to love cats and hate dogs, now I'm the opposite!

Katie F said...

I love all your love's. I love starbucks, coach, twilight and beaches!! love it

Anonymous said...

One of my biggestpet peeves is phones at dinner! Or at least share with me what you are texting! ;)

Southern Cinderella said...

I hate when people dont use their blinkers!! It drives me nuts!

There's an award for you on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

I hate Ace & TJ too. I met them once long ago, and they are so weird. I cant believe they're still on air.

Jessica said...

I found your blog through Katies! I'll be a new follower as soon as I'm done commenting here.
I just had to comment on the whole Ace and TJ thing. I'm from Columbia, SC. They took my beloved Jonathen Rush's spot a couple months before we moved and I HATED them. Verry rude and not at all funny. Also, I dare someone not to use their blinker around me... biggest pet peeve!

Kathy said...

I seriously can't believe that you would put you Hate Wachovia! Seriously?!?! #1 in customer service 8 years running. Doesn't matter though, Wachovia is gone.

Although the #1 in customer service is true, you know I'm jk.

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