Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New You Giveaway

Elizabeth at A Wedding Story is hosting  the "New Year, New You Giveaway" which encourages bloggers to share successful weight loss tips and list why they believe weight loss in 2010 is important in their lives.  So I am joining her "New Year, New You" challenge.  Even if I don't win the giveaway (subscription to Fitness Magazine wouldn't be too bad) I fully intend to accept and embrace this challenge and change my life for the better in 2010.

I can list many reasons why I need to lose weight.  Both sides of my family have a history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.  Even though I am fully aware what lies within my genes, I continue to eat whatever I want, drink whatever I like and only exercise when I feel like it.  Not only have I been unconcerned with what lies within my genes, but I have also been unconcerned with the growing size of my jeans!  It truly is time to gain control over my eating habits and create an exercise regimine that will allow me to be successful in my weight loss goals.

I need to lose weight in order to be a better wife to my husband.  Whenever I am having an "ugly" day, I can feel myself pull away from Steven.  He always compliments me. He is constantly telling me I am beautiful or my hair looks good or how he loves my curves.  He truly makes me feel valued and beautiful in every way - but if I  do not feel beautiful, I tend to be selfish with my affection because of my own insecurities.  I want to feel great about myself so that I can enjoy our trips together and our nights out together without feeling self conscious.  There is no need for me to project my insecurities onto my relationship with my amazing husband.

I need to lose weight in order to be a better mother to my future children.  I want to be able to run and play with my children.  I want to be the mom that can miraculously wake up at 6a.m. every morning and go full steam until 10p.m. every night.  I want to set a good example for my children and teach them healthy eating habits so they do not struggle with overeating as an adult like I do.  I know that my habits will not automatically change once I become a mother, so I need to set the stage now for the type of woman I want to be when I have children.

Most importantly, I need to lose weight for myself.  Really and truly, it isn't about losing weight.  It is about gaining a sense of control over my life.  I feel better when I am eating properly and exercising regularly. I am incredibly more productive during the day and I sleep 10 times better each night.  It has always amazed me how simply eating properly (not dieting) and creating a solid exercise routine tend to create a sense of stability in my life that trickles down to all other aspects of my life.  I enjoy living a life of discipline. Having discipline in the little things that I can control, such as diet and exercise, allows me to face the unknowns that I cannot control with more calm and grace. 

So there you have it. I'm taking control in 2010.  I do not have an exact number of pounds that I would like to lose.  I simply want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit and actually be able to enjoy shopping for a good pair of jeans.  I'll keep you posted on my progress and be sure to share any good weight loss secrets I may discover over the upcoming months.  Feel free to offer words of wisdom.  Also feel free to check out Elizabeth's page and take the "New Year, New You" challenge for yourself.  It just might be the encouragement you need.  :)


Blondie said...

I'm not so sure you need to lose any weight are tiny! The weight shouldn't matter as much as being healthy, right? I hope you and Steven have a great New Year...thanks for visiting yesterday and commenting on my New Years post...Kori xoxo

Young, Fabulous & Newlywed said...

Hahaha - I just post the good pictures. :) They are deceiving. But thanks for the sweet comments!!

Tiffany said...

I coiuld ditto this entire post. Well said! I really need to get on track in is one of my main goals. I wish you luck!! Happy new year!!

d.a.r. said...

This is an amaaaaazzziiinggg goal. It isn't just about the jeans size any's about our marriage, our future family, how we feel about ourselves. I can TOTALLY relate to the whole "selfish with my affections" when I feel gross about myself. I am the same way and it doesn't just hurt me, it hurts my hubby too!

I love this post, sweetie! Good luck this year!

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