Monday, January 4, 2010

More Blog Awards - Monday Is Looking Up!

So it's been a kind of crazy/dreadful Monday!  While I am very excited about the progress I have made in figuring out my grad school situation (or at least making a game plan), I am not so excited about my first Monday back at work.  After almost two weeks out of the office, today was almost torture.  Over 150 e-mails to return and my boss left me a beautiful laundry list of items to complete.  But I am, as always, grateful for my job and the success I have had so far.  But still - Monday's stink!

So imagine my surprise when I get a sweet little note from Julie at Brown Eyed Belle giving me two new blog awards!  It just perked my sullen Monday right up!  Now I can snuggle up in bed and read "The Last Song" by Nicolas Sparks with a smile on my face.  Thanks Julie!!!

The "Chic" Blogger Award

Your Blog is Simply Stunning

So in an attempt to pass along some Monday cheer I would like to give these awards to the following bloggers.  Over the past few weeks I have started reading blogs from these ladies and absolutely adore everything they have to say! 

- Natasha at A Day In The Life
- Ashley Carole at Grad School Prep
- KatieB at Tale of a Grits

Please feel free to share the wealth lovelies!


Leesie said...

Oh sweetie thanks so much for passing on the award. I'm so surprised and humbled. I've been love reading all you have to say too. Did you get my link I sent you on adding your name? I hope it works out for ya.

Katie F said...

Thanks so much! I'm so glad you love my blog. I love reading yours too and always look forward to new posts!

KatieB. said...

Thanks for the blog love!! I agree, Mondays stink. Hope your week gets better! Looking forward to following your blog through 2010!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing the love! I always look forward to your new posts!

Mrs P said...

These awards are tooo cute!! And yay for new bloggers for me to go check out as well ;-)

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