Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Need Sleep!

I’m on my second cup of coffee this morning – and I don’t drink coffee. *Except for those super sweet yummy lattes at Starbucks, but those don’t count because they are calorie free. Right?*

I have blogged before about how difficult it is to get a good night’s sleep when Steven is gone because my dogs go absolutely crazy. Guard Dogs on Crack  Lately, however, they have seemed to become used to him being gone and have calmed down the barking and howling somewhat. Unfortunately, now that they are no longer on guard duty, they have become a little too comfortable in my bed. Generally, Steven and I hook them to their leashes which are tied to our bed so they both sleep on their own dog beds on either side of the bed. When Steven travels, I do not want them chained down in case they need to “unleash the beast” on some crazy burglar trying to get their mommy. They love sleeping in the bed! Dixie in particular since she fully believes she is human and should always have the exact comforts as Steven and me.

Last night was miserable. I tried put down my copy of “The Last Song” (fantastic read for anyone looking for a good book!) around 11 and decided to call it a night. As soon as I turned out the light, Dixie maneuvered her way under the covers and sprawled out across my body pillow on my right side. Yes, my body pillow – the one I was supposed to snuggle up to. Unfortunately for me, Dixie is stronger and more stubborn than I am so she won the fight for my body pillow. On my left side, Bauer insisted on putting his head under my chin. Apparently Dixie was going to sleep on my body pillow and Bauer was going to sleep on me!

After an hour of fighting over the covers and doing my best to push them off me, I dozed off around midnight. My slumber was disturbed as my butt started to get really hot. I woke up to find Dixie lying in between my legs with her head on my butt (I sleep on my stomach.) You know the expression “blowing hot air up your ***”?? Well, I literally lived through that last night. Dixie was breathing fire directly onto my bum and my whole body was sweating as a result. I pushed her off the bed (knowing full well she would hop right back in) and nestled against my body pillow hoping to fall back to sleep. Another 45 minutes passed with no shut eye. I had almost dozed off when Bauer started mini-barking in his sleep and nibbling on my ear. (Okay, I just read that back and it sounds wrong on so many levels but I swear it was a completely appropriate, very cute puppy thing!) As cute as he was, I had had enough. I got my pillows and tried ever so quietly to sneak into the living room to sleep on the couch.

I wasn’t on the couch for more than 5 minutes when I heard her prancing to find me. In my sleepless deliria I could have sworn I heard Dixie chastising, “And just where do you think you’re going? You are my pillow and you will sleep where I tell you to.” Another 5 minutes later Bauer joined us on the couch. So there we were, me and two 70 lb boxers trying to fall asleep on the couch – needless to say it didn’t work out so well.

Around 1:30 I drug myself back to bed, dogs in tow, and did my best to clear my mind. I finally dozed off somewhere around 2:30 or 3. I woke up at 6a.m. this morning laying long ways across the head of my bed. My feet were hanging off the edge and I had NO covers. Dixie and Bauer, however, looked quite rested. I decided to go ahead and get up – I could finish folding my last load of laundry and get something yummy cooking in the crock pot since Steven comes home today.

As I pulled my load of darks from the dryer, I realized I had made a terrible mistake. I washed and dried Steven’s brand new *wool* Brook’s Brothers sweater by accident. I didn’t even know it was in the dirty laundry! As I held the sweater up to my chest and realized it was small enough to fit my 6-year-old brother, I burst into tears. I don’t know if it was my sleep deprivation or my utter disappointment in ruining Steven’s new sweater, but I leaned up against my dryer and bawled for a solid 10 minutes. I guess I’m out of the running for Wife of the Year pretty early in 2010. I told you yesterday – I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!

I need it to be Friday in the worst kind of way – I’m having a week of all Mondays.

On a more positive note, I am approaching the 75 mark for followers.  As I said in my resolutions, once this happens I will create my own blog award.  I've got something really juicy in the works - so if you've been reading lately, but aren't a follower - feel free to join!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope your day is getting better! I also hate doing laundry because I tend to wash electronics like headphones or flash drives when they end up in pockets.

Southern Cinderella said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your awful night's sleep! I hope tonight's is much better! I'm sure your husband won't be too mad at you! :)

gCe said...

I am sorry about the sweater. I recently did that to one of my mothers new sweaters. She was not pleased.

Mrs P said...

Haha what a night! Dogs are so funny, and I couldn't help but laugh. Reminds me of my mom and her baby, although he's only a little pug he is also quite the bed hog (he likes to lay on her pillow and snore in her ear). And laundry definitely sucks!!

Sorry I didn't get back to you quicly about the photos, I was traveling all day without much access to the internet and getting onto blogger on my phone... well I haven't quite figured it out yet. ANyway, I'm glad you figured out picnik and your heading looks LOVELY!! Very nice :)

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Aw I hope you get better sleep tomorrow!

Leesie said...

Can I just say how much I love the added pics on your page. Too cute! Yay I'm glad you don't really hate me :)

Anonymous said...

I replied on my post to your comment but I don't think Blogger tells you. Grr. Lol :)

Katie F said...

I hate laundry too! Such a pain sometimes! Love the new pics. How did you figure out how to put pictures on your header. I couldnt figure it out lol

Krysten Hartenstein said...

Ugh that does not sound like fun! I'm happy my little puppy just likes to sleep on my hubby's side of the bed when he's gone.

d.a.r. said...

And this post right here is how I know I am soooo not ready to have kids, haha!

Aww poor girl, I hope your day got better!

Kari said...

aw, wishing you a better night's sleep tonight!

Stacey said...

Well you got to sleep when I woke up... I was awake for 2 1/2 hours! I know the feeling, but instead of the dog - it's your little brother that is all snuggled up next to me, he comes in the room and climbs in the bed and then the little heater, not to mention he grows more arms and legs that wrap aound you too! So I am also feeling the need for sleep. You gotta perk up - championship game tonight!! Ooh,,, the sweater... no he may not understand about that one, how many times did he actually wear it?

Jenn Embry said...

Oh my gosh what a night you had!!! I so feel for you. We have two dogs and I confess I laughed out loud with your descriptions. While Rosie (85 lb. Malamute mix) is a good girl and sleeps on her bed next to my side of the bed, she snores like a freight train! And Oscar (25 lb. yorkie shitzu and something else mix) likes to sleep with me under the blankets like he's trying to climb inside my skin. As far as the sweater is concerned, i am sure your dear hubby will forgive you. On the bright side, I've seen some really cute purses made out of old wool sweaters that were shrunk on purpose. ;) I hope your week gets better my dear.

Anonymous said...

The part about Guard Dog on crack had me ROLLING! I have 3, 6 pound Yorkies and 2 of them sleep in our King size bed. They both think I am their body pillow, but when you said you were referring to 70 lb Boxers, I almost fell out of my office chair! NO WAY! No wonder you and your Husband Tie them on leashes when there are two of you. So the big question is.... What happens next time he goes out of town? Girl, Do NOT sweat the sweater! He loves you, not the sweater, that is materialistic! You will buy him a new one next Christmas and you guys will roll on the floor laughing, LOL! You soooo have got to give the sweater to Ethan and take a pic for all of us to see. LOL! Thanks for the laughs, keep them coming!

Kelly said...

My advice to you for better sleep while the hubby is away:

Get a gun - you will be amazed at how much better that will make you feel –(at least that helped me)

And the sweater:
It's only a sweater and he will get over it. Hope tomorrow is a better day!

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