Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

I decided to play along with Taylor’s Top Two Tuesday again this week. She wants to know what are two things you just can’t live without? I’m going to take this in a very literal sense – meaning two items – because I would hate to have to narrow the field down to two people (or possibly puppies!)

This is actually quite easy for me. Two items that I am never ever never never without would be:

The fact that I wear contacts and have crystal clear blue eyes makes my eyes ridiculously sensitive to light. I actually will get bad headaches if I am out in the sun without my sunglasses. Even in the winter – these babies are always on. I believe Maui Jim provides the best protection and most comfortable lenses – so I wear that pair most often. I recently picked up these Kate Spade beauties though – super excited to rock these this summer! I just love the print along the sides!

I guess I’m obsessed with my eyes. (I should be – they are the only feature that I like about myself!) Being a natural blonde, my eye lashes are literally WHITE. If I don’t have mascara, I look like a little girl. My eyes disappear against the other features of my face. I may go out of the house without base, powder or blush – but you will not catch me out without mascara on my lashes. Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black is my favorite. It’s serious mascara!

You should play along! What two thing can you not live without??


Brittany said...

You have the prettiest eyes! I'm jealous :-) I can't live without mascara either but since I could only choose 2, I picked my car and chapstick lol.. I did a post for it..

Love the sunglasses!

Tami said...

Yes!!! I'm going to have to agree as well! You *do* have the most gorgeous eyes, so why not highlight them!!!

I would have to pick my iPhone - I cannot leave home or ANYWHERE without it!

And the watch the my parents gave me for my birthday last year! CAN NOT live without!


Tori and Chad said...

You do have goregous eyes!

I'm a recent convert to Lash Stilleto though. Seriously, my eyelashes almost touch my eye brows now - it's redic.

Khristi said...

As I'm lying here with a horrible cold, I've realized I'm out of foudnation and concelear. And there will be state office officials in tomorrow, guess I'm getting up early to get some drug store makeup to hold me over until I can stop by Sephora. So basically I cant live without some sort of cover up, and chap stick.

Risley said...

Mascara has to be a top one for me!

Tickled Pink said...

Good call on the mascara!! I may have to copy you!

Kaolee said...

Toothbrush & blush!

Allison said...

My eyes look so different w/ mascara too. I guess everyone looks a lot better with them. I'd love some fake lashes!

Jenn said...

So funny because I'm the same way with sunglasses. The funniest part is that I have the darkest eyes you could ever imagine - yet my eyes are sensitive to the light too. In winter, I'm always wearing them. & then out of habit - I put them on my head as a headband. It's so bad that when I'm not wearing them, people are always teasing me & asking me where they are.

The other thing I could not live without is eyeliner. Even if I have no other makeup on - I put a little eyeliner on. I think it makes me look so different & much more awake!

agalandherdog said...

My two are coffee and mascara. On the weekends, I might not feel like wearing makeup, but I ALWAYS put on mascara bc I have super-light lashes too.

Alissa said...

Mascara was one of my picks too! Your eyes are very pretty what are you talking about?

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