Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Are They Always Named Amber


Hubby and I have recently become obsessed with Criminal Minds. About a month ago we started watching a few re-runs on AMC every now and then. We quickly have become hooked and are now working our way through the series by renting the DVD’s from Netflix.

e received the 1st and 2nd DVD of Season 2 yesterday. I arrived home much earlier than hubby so I patiently waited for his arrival – pathetically excited to begin Season 2. Steven barely walked through the door when I demanded he change immediately and load the DVD. The second episode we watched involved an incredibly deranged serial killer that would abduct college age women and brutally beat and molest them. The killer would tape his conquests and send a copy of the DVD to the victim’s family. Truly sick – right?

Imagine my surprise when the killer was revealed in the last ten minutes of the show and it turned out to be a petite little blonde girl named AMBER. Steven shot me a look of humor and satisfaction as my blood pressure began to rise and I could feel my face becoming red with emotion.

Why are they always named Amber??? I mean honestly, I have never known a fictional character named Amber in a TV show, movie or book to be a quality character. The teeny bopper movies are filled with “Ambers” – ditzy cheerleaders who are usually pretty slutty and always self-centered. (Anyone remember Amber from “Clueless”? Case and point!) Or Amber’s are also depicted as trashy, rednecks that “just don’t know any better.” I mean really!?!?!

A few of my closest guy friends from college nicknamed me “Candy”. Candy, you may ask? Well, as they explained Amber is apparently a rather common stripper name. As my given name was in fact a stripper name – the guys thought it would be hilarious to call me an even more common stripper name – Candy.

Amber was actually one of the most popular names of girls born from 1985-1986. So I have to ask myself, why are we so poorly depicted? I may be blonde and Southern, but I’m certainly not a trashy redneck or a stripper. Why does modern day Hollywood insist on ruining my name??? I swear – I will name my daughter the most unique/crazy never to be used in Hollywood name ever.

What about you? Is your name commonly represented in a way that just boils your blood? Any stereotypes associated with your name?


Kelly said...

Ohh, interesting! I promise you, I don't hear "Amber" and think "trashy, etc" but you're right-- I can't really name a quality character with Amber as the name :-( I personally have some really good and smart friends named Amber (born in 1983 naturally)

Kelly was always a boring, kinda blah name in my opinion. I always associated my name to Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell... and thought it was destiny for my SUPER crush, Zack, and me to fall in love together.

It is kind of interesting though to think of how others view/use your name! Hope your day is going well :-)

Kelly said...

Oh! Aaaand, my SIL's name is Lisa and her mom liked the name Nicole, but the dad said that only "pretty girls are named Nicole... and what if she's not pretty?" :-O So they named her Lisa Nicole! They're THE SWEETEST people, but I still think it's sooo funny! ;-)

Alissa said...

Oh Amber you crack me up everytime. First of all great taste in shows Criminal Minds is one of my husband and I's absolute most fave shows. Don't take it personally on the name, my dad has the same thing going on actually with his name Ernie. He's always a cartoon character or a knucklehead ex Bert & Ernie, Ernest goes to Camp you get the idea.

Stacey said...

Well remember you were called Rachel in High School.

Yes for some strange reason you do see ditzy blondes named Amber, but I don't remember any older people named Amber when you were born.

Sorry, I loved that name enough to give to you - remember you are a JEWEL!! My precious jewel.

Katie said...

HAHAHAHA. You're TOO funny!!! My name really isn't used in Hollywood that much. I feel like it's not really that common, until I start reading blogs and realize there are a TON of Katie's out there!!!

I, too, will name my daughter (if we have one ;) ) a very unique name, in fact I have it already!!! Thank goodness my mister's okay with it!!! :)

Khristi said...

I think it's a curse of us being in our 20's. They will use our names to depict the teenage/twenty something stero types. Khristi is such an 80's name. Not as popular as Amber, but always the bimbo in movies. :)

Mateya said...

Haha! I love the comment about Amber in "Clueless"...she was sooo ditzy! My name is pretty unique, so I actually have only even known of 2 other people with that name! The worst thing is that most people don't know how to say or spell it!

Brittany Ann said...

I feel you about the slutty, ditzy, party-crazy cheerleader stereotype. I always get that with a name like Brittany!

Tamara Nicole said...

This is pretty funny! Hmmm Tammy . . . kinda a ditz name? But I haven't heard anything yet people just call me Hammy (WTH?)

BUT if it makes you feel better I know some amazing Amber's that are smart and gorgeous, just saying!

Amber said...

First off, My hubby and I are obsessed with Criminal Minds too! Love it!

Second, Since my name is Amber too, I know exactly what you are talking about! Every time I see a movie, show, etc. with a character named Amber they are always a stripper, slutty, boyfriend stealing, backstabbing cheater. I never understood why they associate the name Amber with those words when most of the Amber's I know (me included!) are not any of those things! Makes me mad too!

Katie F said...

I used to always want to name my daughter amber!! Maybe that will make you feel better

Brittany said...

Oh I remember Ambuler (as they called her) from Clueless. But if it makes you feel any better, I never associated your name with anything negative! But I do see that the TV world uses your name in not the nicest ways. I can't see how Amber and negative things go hand in hand though?

Brittany is such a popular name. I was supposed to be named Danielle and I only know one person named that but unfortunately my dad didn't like that name. Even though I don't spell my name the same way as Britney Spears, I always get someone saying.. Oh Brittany, like Britney Spears.. No, Brittany, like Me. It's quite annoying.

Cute award you made by the way!!

Tori and Chad said...

:) Amber is one of my favorite names. One of my closest friends/adopted sister is named Amber.

Um, I got Tori Spelling and Tori Amos to contend with.

Heather Martin said...

I love love Criminal Minds!!!! My name of course is Heather and way too common. But dont know a lot of stereotypes.

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