Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Entertainment - Budget Edition

Everywhere I turn it seems as if people are trying to save money these days (including me!) Wedding season has hit and so many of you (like me!) are spending big bucks on gifts for showers and receptions, dropping bigger dough on hotel stays and bride’s maid’s dresses (like me!) and some of you may even be saving for a wedding of your own (thankfully not me!)

Others are on a strict budget to prepare for the birth of an upcoming child. Maybe a career change or job loss has caused a financial pinch for your family. Whatever the reason, it seems like I keep reading and hearing that many people are trying to save a buck or two.

That’s certainly the case at the our house. Hubby and I have been pulling in the financial reigns over the past few months. But how do you save money without living like a hermit? I mean life can’t be all work and no play – that would just be torturous!
In an attempt to save money, I signed up for Netflix. I figured for $15 a month I can rent two DVD’s a time and rent as many DVD’s throughout the month as a I like - sounded like a pretty good deal. But you generally have to wait 1-2 weeks before the newest releases are available – so that kind of stunk.

That’s when Steven and I decided to start renting seasons of TV shows that we have heard were good but we did not watch when they originally aired. For example – we became hooked on Criminal Minds by watching reruns on A&E. We ordered the entire 5 seasons through Netflix and watched the series from start to finish without interruption.  It was pure bliss - no waiting to see what happened - hours upon hours of entertaining TV at our fingertips!

We have now moved onto Lost. I kept hearing all the rage about the final season and how amazing the show is – so I figured might as well. (We’re half way through the first season and I’m already addicted! Disc 3 of Season 1 arrives at my house today and I can’t wait to start it up!)

It’s honestly so easy. You manage your “queue” online and add all the DVD’s you want to rent. Netflix will send you 1 or 2 DVD’s at a time – depending on your membership. Once you are finished with a DVD, stick it in the prepaid envelope provided by Netflix and send it back to the warehouse. Another DVD should arrive within two days. For example, I placed Disc 1 of Season 1 in the mailbox on Monday and I will receive another DVD today.
Steven and I really have enjoyed watching seasons start to finish together. Because you can watch the shows back to back it’s much easier to get “addicted” to them. It’s a great way to spend a Friday evening or Saturday evening – especially if you are trying to save money.

I can recommend plenty of shows to watch if you’re looking for suggestions – even some that you and hubby might enjoy together!

PS - Netflix did not compensate me in any way for this - I just thought I would share a budget friendly entertainment idea with my lovely readers!  :)


Kelly said...

I have been thinking of signing on with Netflix but I keep putting it off. We have been renting from Itunes and hooking the computer to our TV - we seem to be hermits lately (wes has been laid off for almost a year now) so any other tips for saving just let us know!

- did you get the receipe that I sent you?

Chelsey said...

Hubby and I do the same thing and we love Netflix! We haven't done any series together, but maybe we should try some! Also, if he has the Xbox live thing, you can also watch Netflix movies right onto your tv!

A Marine's Wife! said...

LOST is so addicting. Let me know if you figure out what the heck is going on on the show!!!

Mel said...

I love netflix! :) Netflix replaced having cable for a while. But then I moved and had to get cable in order to get internet. Oh well I still wait for my Netflix to come every few days too.

Kate said...

Um Netflix is AMAZING and even better, you can stream to your tv with most video game consoles or some blu-ray players (which is what we do) and we don't have cable. I love love love netflix. Just try to stay on top of sending back your movies when you're done with them and you'll more than get your moneys worth.

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

I have over 270 items in my list right now. I'm quite addicted. But it's hard to find things that both hubs and I will watch. That's a good idea about the tv shows, though!

Heather Lopez said...

We love love Lost! We have been watching since the very beginning. And I love Criminal Minds.

We have also been trying to save money. We saved money for 14 months for our wedding and now we are cutting costs b/c Mr. Lopez's company went out of business and he is without a job for the first time since he was 16.

Things will get better! Enjoy your movies!

Andrea said...

I love Netflix! I once had like a $60 fine at the movie store and swore I would never go back, so Netflix is perfect! I have Lost on my cue and can't wait to watch it! Hope you have a great day! ~Andrea

Sarah said...

I LOVE Netflix!! We started "using" it over a year ago and haven't gone back. My favorite part is being able to watch online. Not everything is available online, but it's nice...especially when your DVD's are on their way back and you have nothing to watch! That's also how we got addicted to LOST. =) We'll be starting season 5 soon!

Magnolias and Mimosas said...

We just started watching Lost this past year! We are actually on Season 3, but the show makes me want to pull my hair out from time to time!

They actually offer the episodes of Lost on instant watch. The downside is that you have to watch them on your computer unless you have a device that allows you to watch it on your TV...worth investing in!

Kristin said...

Hey Amber! I love any money saving tips! Thanks for sharing... Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

Kristin said...

Netflix rocks. We wasted so much dough at Blockbuster!

Trish said...

We love Nexflix too!! The only not so great thing is when you forget to update your queue, and get stuck with a movie that you really don't want to see...then feel guilty about not watching it...then finally send it back just to get the new one without watching the not great one - am I the only one that has run into this?! Heehee!

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

You are brilliant! We are obsessed with Criminal Minds, we've been recording it on the DVR, but have Netflix and will switch over. Any others to recommend? We tried Lost (I used to watch it and the hubs just didn't like it). Big Love is next in our que, but I have a feeling I will be watching it alone.

Adrienne said...

Hi there!! Have u ever seen How I Met Your Mother ??? VERY GOOD!!!

Kelly said...

Looove Netflix too! Did you know that if you misplace, lose, or maybe just THINK you sent them in... but then you're not sure?? You can just let them know and they'll send on your next movie?? I just love that. I asked Greg to send in our old movies and he can't remember if he did... or if we lost them... or if they got lost in the mail! Haha! Netflix never asked, they just sent! Love cheap entertainment!! :-D

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