Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kindred Connection Party

Windy Poplars

The lovely Kristin at Windy Poplars is hosting the Kindred Connection Party again.  Follow the link above and join in the fun!  I would love to know your answers to Kristin's questions.

1. If you had a day from this past week that you could "live over" (either to enjoy the good all over again or to change something for the better) , which one would it be and why?
-This one is easy for me . I would definitely want to have a chance to relive Monday. This day brought the fated “fight” that Steven and I had. Again, it was mainly my fault – I kind of crossed a line. These days I’m borderline psycho crazy sometimes and Monday just wasn’t my day. I really wish that I could go back and change my approach to a difficult situation. I wish I hadn’t made Steven feel so disrespected. But you know the old saying – wish in one hand….

2. Do you work outside the home? Are you a SAHM? Are you self employed?
-I work outside the home. I’m a senior accountant for a bariatrics center in Charlotte and I really enjoy it.

3. What are two blogs that you really love, and why?
-Wow – this is actually really tough. I honestly check 8-10 blogs on a regularly basis, almost every day. So I am going to have a very difficult time pinning this one down. But I will do my best.

Kelly at Keeping Up With Kelly & Co. I love her bubbly personality. I love that she posts about her real life happenings. I check her blog every day to see what she’s up to. I’m super jealous of her baking skills and my mouth waters every time she posts pictures of her yummy treats. Mainly, I feel there is a sense of “realness” about her blog. I enjoy reading blogs of other people who can just be honest and share how they feel each day.

Mateya at Our Journey From Irap to the Altar. This is a recent addition to my daily blog collection. Once again, she’ just so honest in her posts. I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her journey with her soldier and her anticipation for her upcoming wedding. I also enjoy our emails back and forth. She’s been so supportive and encouraging that I just can’t help but relish every word that she types.

For all of you who haven’t joined in the Kindred Spirit Party – you should really stop by Kristin’s blog. She will be hosting the party each week and it’s a great way to learn intimate details about your favorite bloggers.

Hope you’re having a great Thursday!


Kristin said...

Hi Amber! So glad you joined in the party this week! Loved reading your answers... How is your day going so far?? I hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods.~ Off to check out your recommended blogs! Talk to you again soon.

Mateya said...

I am seriously so flattered by your kind words. I couldn't believe you were actually talking about ME. You are too sweet.

I am so glad you have found encouragement through our emails. I really enjoy them too!

Katie said...

how fun! i'll have to take part in this in the future :) loved reading your answers!!! have a happy day beautiful girl!!!

Alissa said...

This is fun I love how there's always something new I can learn about you through these.

Kelly said...

Omigosh, you are too sweet. Thanks, girl! I love your blog as well :-D

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Your post about your fight was soo honest. EVERYONE has been in that situation-- I call it "psycho hosebeast" moments (from "Wayne's World" :-)) The BEST part is that you two love each other so much-- you can make it through anything!

Hope you have a relaxing, wonderful evening Amber! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a fun little mame! :) I might have to join in, and at least check out the recommends!
You know, what we wish could be done differently are just learned lessons! I'm sure hubs realizes that- he loves you!
(We all do, too, here in blog world!)
Have a WONDERFUL Friday! :)

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