Monday, May 3, 2010

When I Count My Blessings, I Count You Twice

I was so blessed last Thursday and Friday evening to spend some much needed time with one of my best friends, Jessica. As I have admitted, life has me a little down these days and I have had a difficult time staying positive and hopeful. Thankfully, Jessica came home for a long weekend and her parents were sweet enough to share her with me for a bit.

Steven was out of town for the night so Jess and I decided it was time for a girl’s night at my place complete with wine and Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t begin to describe how much it meant to have her sitting on my couch, sipping wine and catching up Grey’s gossip. Chatting about how hot McSteamy is and how much we really just don’t like Happy Grey. It was like I was 21 again – not a care in the world and spending time with a girlfriend on a school night.

Friday night we met her parents for Mexican and margaritas. Two of my favorite combinations – Mexican food and the Fowler family. Once again, I just felt at peace. Surrounded by people who love and genuinely care for my well being. People who knew me when I was only 18 and didn’t have a care in the world. It was like being with family.

I’m a little down in the mouth again today and I was feeling sorry for myself when out of nowhere I swear I heard God say, “Didn’t I just give you hours of relaxation and nurturing with Jessica? Why are my blessings never enough?”

It’s so true. I am so unbelievably blessed to have friends in my life like Jessica Fowler. A friend who knows when to come over, pour me a glass of wine and simply say, “What’s on your mind?” A friend who doesn’t care about the fact that my house is a mess and I have ketchup on my t-shirt. A friend who doesn’t even notice the 5 (maybe 10) pounds I have put on in the recent months or the fact that my split ends are slowly taking over my entire head. A friend who just wants to know that I am okay – a friend who will remind me that I am going to be okay even when I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh how fortunate I am to have so many women in my life who uplift me and support me.

So to my dearest friends who never let me down, please know how grateful I am for your presence in my life. Jessica, Khristi, Erika, Erin, Amanda and Casey know that when I count my blessings – I count you twice. I love you more than you could possibly know and I pray for you each day.



Brittany said...

This was really sweet. I'm glad you have such great people to surround yourself with. Friends truly are a blessing. I hope you're doing well! xo

MrsThomas said...

*like* :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

What a sweet post about your girlfriends! :) They are very lucky to have you as a friend!

Kristin said...

Thinking of you today wonderful to have such sweet ladies in your life. You are truly blessed! Live on those times of refreshment girl...they can help carry you through. Sending a hug! ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

Brittany Ann said...

Friends really truly are God's most perfect way of reaching us when we need it most:)

Ashton said...

I'm so glad you had that time, it's what we all need every now and again. Those kind of friends are THE BEST... I'm glad Jessica made the time to take care of her friend...

Keep your head up girl!

Jen said...

EVERYONE needs a Jess in their lives! We sure are blessed to have her!

agalandherdog said...

A good friend is the best!

Design Apprentice said...

I am so happy to hear how wonderful your girl friends are. They are such an important necessity, and to feel like a 21 year old careless college kid again sounds like a true spectacular gift. You're in my prayers, strong lady!

Jason and Jenna Jones said...

First let me say that I am so sorry that you guys are walking through this valley right now. I definitely know intimately how that feels. How the tears and deep yearning of the heart for things to be different feels. How fear and uncertainty can cause anxiety, etc.

I want you to know that... you are not alone. And you are loved. The prayer of my heart is that you would just crawl up in your Father's lap and rest there. That you would begin to learn what trust means. Even if it's waking up every day and telling God out loud: "I trust you. I just trust you. I believe you for WHO you are, and I take you at your Word. I trust you." Until you believe it.

Rest today, sweet Amber. 1 Peter 5:7 says to give every anxiety, every worry to Him. Because he deeply cares about you. Even more than husband.

It IS a choice to lay it down at His feet, but sweet girl it is so very worth it. After a year and 3 months of our own struggle I'm finally learning this principle.

Praying peace over your thoughts, and rest for your soul. If you haven't checked it out yet... try to find the book "Eat the Cookie Buy the Shoes" by Joyce Meyer.

Sorry for the long post :o)

Erika said... are a great friend and it's a joy to have you in my life. can't wait to see you soon!

Erika said...
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