Monday, September 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} Is it Monday already?  How is the month of September almost over?  I feel like time is just flying by!

{two} We had another great weekend.  Girl's night Friday night and a late night movie with the hubby.  Saturday I attended a tailgate with my collegiate sorority and spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch watching football.  Sunday found us at church Sunday morning and painting the baseboards the rest of the afternoon.  A relaxing but also productive weekend. I love those!

{three} Speaking of productive, our floor remodeling/painting is almost complete!  We painted the baseboards in the entryway, living room, dining room and hallway yesterday.  We will lay the quarter-round down in the kitchen this week and paint the baseboards and bay window.  Then FINISHED!!!

{four} Steven and I will be hosting Life Group (Bible study) at our house every Friday evening this fall.  I'm so excited to share life with members of our church and grow closer in my spiritual walk; however, I'm starting to think that hosting on Friday evening may have been a bad idea.  With work and CrossFit workouts, I don't usually get home until 8 or 8:30 each night.  How in the world am I going to get my house clean before Friday morning each week!?!

{five}  My sudden panic over ensuring that my house is clean every Friday leads me to believe that I need to start following the Motivated Moms Chore List each day.  But again, I don't get home until after 8 each evening.  Which means (gasp!) I'm going to have to start waking up an hour earlier each morning to do some chores before I head into work.  I know by doing so I will feel *so* much better about life in general and significantly less stressed from day-to-day, but the first couple weeks are going to be pretty tough to adjust to.

{six} FALL TV STARTS THIS WEEK!!!  I'm so unbelievably excited to have my favorite shows back; Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, etc.  I am also looking forward to catching a few of the new previews.  Any suggestions on new shows to start watching this fall?

{seven}  If you missed my post Friday, please check out Steven's Fight Gone Bad page and contribute if you are able.  Any and all help is appreciated!!!!


Ashley said...

Love each and every show that you listed there. Thursday night is going to be fantastic!

Ashley said...

I'm excited for fall tv too! Grey, PP, Biggest Loser, Glee, & Castle are my favs!

Marian said...

I love Fall TV. Some of my favorites that you didn't mentioned...CSI, SVU, Glee and Fringe. Addicted to them all (as well as a few CW shows, sigh)

Neely said...

Hi there IM a new follower and we love all the same shows! I cant wait for how I met your mother tonight and to see what happens on Greys!

Christina said...

I'm also SO excited about the new fall lineup! I would suggest adding Chuck on NBC Mondays at 8.

Ashley said...

I am definitely looking for fall TV to start up tonight!
For New shows this season: Lone Star (Monday nights) and Outsourced (Thursday nights)

Returning: House, Rules of Engagement, Cougar Town, The Mentalist

There are nights where J and I won't be able to watch live television because we have so much recording!

PS Looking forward to seeing completed remodel pictures =)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Productive, relaxing weekends are the best! And I am so pumped for fall tv too ~ love Modern Family!

Natalie said...

our church calls them life groups too : ) We host/lead one and love it! I'm sure you will be fine! And if some weeks your house is a little on the messy side, hopefully your fellow group members will give you lots of grace ; )

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Here from Carissa's party - and I'm so with you on the shows! Love Private Practice and Grey's....can't wait to see them!

Kelly said...

Looove Fall TV too!! I had to go on every channel's website to write down the showtimes for our favorites :-)

Can't wait to see pictures of the floor remodel-- soo fun!

Melissa said...

So, what's this about the Motivated Moms Chore List? It sounds like something I DEFINITELY need to hear more about...especially if you saw the disaster that is my kitchen right now!!!!! =)

Meg O. said...

I am so excited about fall TV, too! Great list! I am so proud of you and your CrossFit! That is so awesome!!!

Brittany Ann said...

I host a Navy wives craft day on Thursdays, and I feel the exact same way. I love it, but ugh! The end-of-the-week cleaning!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I am so excited about the shows you mentioned too!

As for life groups...remember to have a Mary heart rather than being worried about the Martha stuff..i.e housework. Members of the group should be coming to fellowship not judge your housekeeping skills ;)

* Tyly * said...


I can hardly contain myself over the excitement!!!

Kelsey Claire said...

I think we watch the same shows! Can't wait. Good luck keeping your house clean every Friday. It will probably help you always have a clean house! I know I need the accountability!

Chelsey said...

Ah, I wish I were more like you. You seem like such a good person, not to sound totally corny although I'm sure that did.

Going to church, making sure chores get done, BEAUTIFUL;

yes, I really wish I were more like you!

Laura said...

So.. I want to comment on every point made. Lol. 1. Yeah it was Monday and now Tuesday and holy crap sept has flow... 2. Your weekend sounded soooo much fun! I'm really jealous. 3. I can't wait to see finished pics of all of your projects! 4&5 i'm sure our house will be fine.. Plus, they should all be appreciative anyway for u hosting it and not worry about one little misplaced item :) 6. I cantttttt wait till modern family starts! 7. I need to check it out.


Michelle (michabella) said...

Oh how I wish I lived closer to attend your bible study! And oh my goodness...GREYS TONIGHT!!!! AH! <333

Anonymous said...

Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?

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