Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I'm home!  I'm exhausted!  I'm ready for the weekend!  It's amazing how five days of weddings and traveling can throw my schedule off completely and leave me a disheveled mess!

And - I've been a terrible blogger.  So instead of picking my brain to come up with something to say today, I'm going to focus on catching up on what you lovely ladies have been up to the past few days while I've been busy with weddings and traveling.

And - it's SO overdue, but Ty at Rants. Raves. Ridiculous is the winner of the Metro Line 6 Photography giveaway.  Please let me know which print you would like!

So I'm off to be productive today.  Headed to my first CrossFit workout in three days tonight - something tells me it's gonna be a tough one. 

Hoping you are all having a Happy Hump Day!


Charlie said...

Omg I heard crossfit seriously kicks ass. (I'm preggers right now and totally lazy and not working out. woopsies!) Apparently it's hard but RESULTS HAPPEN! keep at it girl. nice work!

Kelly said...

good luck tonight with those pushups, just breathe properly and you will be shocked at the difference....don't hold your breath! You can do it!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Glad your back! I always need a vaca from my vaca when I return! The weekend will be here shortly :)

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