Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dogs Gone Wild

Monday evening I found myself to be a single girl bored at home. Okay – so I wasn’t exactly single, but hubby was gone for the night and I was lonely. After a quick workout, much needed cleaning of the kitchen & master bathroom and a load of laundry, I refused to do anything else “productive”. I stole away to the master bath and drew myself a much needed bubble bath. I couldn’t remember the last time I had relaxed in a hot bubble bath while reading a book – and Emily Griffin’s “Heart of the Matter” was calling my name.

I added way too much bubble bath and stirred the water vigorously to create maximum bubbles. When I was satisfied with the mountains of bubbles floating on the surface, I quickly ran to the living room to find a lighter. What good is a glorious bubble bath without candles, no?

After a few minutes of searching high and low for a lighter, I returned to the bedroom to find Dixie sitting upright at the entrance to the master bathroom. Her ears were pinned back, her tail was down and she was whining. As I entered the room, she immediately backed away from the door and shot me her best “I had nothing to do with this – please don’t spank me” look.

As I rounded the corner toward the bathroom I heard the sound of water splashing onto the floor and walls. Correction – I heard the sound of A LOT of water splashing onto the floor and walls. Upon reaching the doorway to the bathroom, my fears were confirmed.

Bauer was in the bathtub - my glorious bubble bath bathtub – playing in the bubbles. His entire face was covered in white soapy bubbles. I stood still for a moment as I watched him smack his jowls repeatedly as he tried to eat the bubbles. With every shake of his head and wag of his tail (or should I say nub) water went pouring over the side of the bathtub and onto the floor. He was in puppy heaven – in my bubble bath – he was having the time of his life.

The initial “Aww..he’s so cute playing with the bubbles” reaction wore off in about .5 seconds when I realized what a mess he had made in my moments before spotless bathroom.BAUER!!! WHAT DID YOU DO?”, I shouted. As soon as the words escaped my mouth I regretted them.

Jovial, fun loving Bauer turned into scared, oh-so-sorry Bauer.   Bauer hates being in trouble more than any dog I have ever seen. He hates the phrase “What did you do?” more than anything in the world because he knows that he is in trouble. Those words send him into a panic every single time. He shot me those puppy dog eyes as if to say, "What - you didn't create all these bubbles just for me? I'm not supposed to be throwing water and doggy hair all over you pretty white, super-clean bathroom? Oh mommy - I'm sorry!"

Realizing he was in trouble, and wanting desperately to apologize, Bauer leapt from the tub (spilling what little water remained in the bathtub onto the floor) and tried his best to reach me. Unfortunately, my tile floors were soaked and Bauer was dripping with soapy bubbles, so he slid across the floor and barreled into my legs at full speed causing me to topple down onto the soaking wet floor with him.

As I laid in a puddle of water with bells ringing in my ears, Bauer licked my face enthusiastically in sincere apology for the mess and for making me fall. Not wanting to be left out, Dixie sprinted to my side and, tail wagging, began licking me as well. It took me a good five minutes to get them off of me so I could get to my feet to survey the final damage.

I don’t even want to talk about the twenty minutes it took me to dry the floors and clean doggy hair out of my tub and off the walls. Next time I’ll be smart enough to close the door to bathroom when I leave the room…..


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness that is so funny!!!!!!!! I don't have to worry about my dog doing that. She won't go near the bathtub. :)

Chloë said...

Oh you poor thing! I totally feel your pain...growing up with three dogs (two being BEAGLES), I have picked up the trash spread out all over the kitchen floor more times than I can count. Hope you still got your bubble bath!!

Isn't it crazy how after all this, we can still love those puppies though?

(ps. praying for you continually!)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

OMG!!! Hilarious! I wish you would have gotten a picture of this!!!

Lucy would SOOOO have joined Bauer in there! She is obsessed with water!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

Okay, I sorta feel sorry fr you but really I thinks that is such a funny story. I do hope you are okay though :)

Mrs. Lopez said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! That is tooo funny! My youngest kitty likes to try to get in the tub when I take a bubble bath but hes never gotten in all the way!

Sammy said...

Hahaha! That's hilarious! :) Dogs can be so funny... Glad you're okay and nothing was too damaged.

Sarah said...

LOL!! I always have to shut the door when I take a bath because Jasper is so curious. Though, I don't think he'd jump in! I know cleaning up that mess totally sucked, but you gotta admit, that's pretty stinkin' funny!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! LUCKY YOU! We have a shower stall and our puppy PUSHES THE GLASS DOOR OPEN AND CRAWLS IN WITH YOU! He then gets soaked, shakes all over, and cowers in the corner... and I'm left to tend to him and get him dry whilst being buck naked!

I still love him though, he just loves the water!

MLBarajas said...

That is precious!!!

Katie said...

first off, WHERE is the picture? i know that's the last thing you were thinking of, but seriously. i would have LOVED to actually see this. however you're a fantastic writer so i've got a pretty good picture in my head :)

second, i'm so sorry, but i'm laughing and at the same time i think this is about the cutest story i've ever heard. and your sweet puppy is so cute it sounds like he had NO idea this would cause him to get in trouble and that you would just jump in and JOIN him in the bathtub! hahahaha. how did you not just sit there and laugh?

too bad you had JUST cleaned! that part, and the water all over the floor, SUPER sucks!!! but again, i LOVE this story!!!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness Amber! I am dying of laughter over here!!!! I'm sure it was anything but funny at the time, especially when you were needing a much needed bliss time. Poor dear. I do hope all parties have sufficiently recovered from this ordeal by now! :-) Strangely enough, it's my CAT who will get into the bathtub when I'm running it. Isn't that the strangest thing? She is seriously not your normal feline! At least she doesn't make a big mess - only some wet paw prints across the floor! Hope you're having a great Wednesday so far :-)

Kelly said...

A picture of cute doggie in the bubble bath would have been perfect!

Sorry your bath was ruined, I hope after you cleaned the mess you got it in!

If you think you have no time for a bubble bath now, wait until you have kids!

Miss Southern Vol said...

HAHA oh goodness I bet this would have been extremely entertaining to watch! I'm sure your husband got a great laugh out of the story! Hope your having a better week girl!

Brittany Ann said...

LOL! Poor pup! He sounds like a teeny version of mine! But the mess? Gah! I feel you there!

Mrs. Pick said...

What a story! My Ali LOVES water! I could see him doing this! I know how it is when dogs something like that but I would have loved to see pictures of Bauer in your bubble bath!

Laury Ann said...

Awwwwww, but haha that's super cute!!! Just came across your adorable blog, I'm your newest follower!

Brittany said...

This is SOOO funny. I laughed out loud :-) I wish you would have gotten a picture!! I don't have to worry about Snugs doing this because she loathes the bathtub!!

Melanie said...

That is one hilarious story of your sweet doggies!! You should have took some pictures if you hadn't been in such shock (I know I would have been)! Hope you get to enjoy a peaceful bubble bath in the near! ;-)

Kassie said...

Too funny!! Wish there would have been a picture of that craziness. Though, not funny for you. lol. :)

Stacey said...

I am taking pictures of what your dogs are going here!!!

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