Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking My Thoughts To The Pavement

I'm running again.  Well - I'm walk/running again.  I forgot how much I enjoyed being out on the pavement.  Thirty or forty-five minutes all to myself (and sometimes Dixie).  It's nice to step outside and give yourself time to think.  Which for me can sometimes be scary because my mind has a tendency to go into overdrive when I am forced to shut my mouth.  It's as if my inability to speak my thoughts outloud causes my brain to go into overdrive and random thoughts bounce around my head at lightening speed.  To the uknown passerby I appear to be your average runner out with her pooch - but inside my head it sounds a little something like this....

I wonder what Dixie would sound like if she could talk? Probably like one of the girls from “Jersey Shore” – yeah, she’s totally obnoxious like that.
I’m so glad “The Hills” is finally ending. They should have stopped taping when LC left the show – she was the only decent person on there.
I love my husband.
I really want a cheeseburger – no Snickers – no hot fudge sundae – make that cheesecake. Stop craving junk food! Why run if you’re gonna eat that crap??
I kind of want another tattoo…but what?

What should I make for dinner? Lasagna roll-ups sound good. But I don’t have any ricotta cheese. I could run to the store really quickly. But then I would have to go out in public looking like this…. Yeah…I’ll just fix tacos.

What should I blog about today?

If I were a character on “Lost” – who would I be? I wish I were like Kate. She’s so hardcore and sexy and she’s made out with Jack. Not so hot about Sun – she’s too soft spoken. Claire is okay – plus she has a baby boy so that works. Then there’s Libby…she pretends to be a clinical psychologist at a psycho clinic, but really she was a patient. Yep – that would probably be me, the crazy one.

I really don’t like cats.

I really like the name Austyn Denise for a little girl. Or Emersyn Denise. But Steven hates both of them and I really don’t want a little girl…so hopefully this a moot thought.

I think I’m gonna start doing a food diary like Carrie Underwood. Maybe that’s not such a good idea – do I really want to document my failure every day? Ugh….

Another week without a lottery winner….How would I spend $200 million???

Oohh…”Deadliest Catch” comes on tonight. Speaking of…I can’t believe Alaska is so close to Russia! Russia is huge..it’s goes all the way across Asia…who knew??

Wait…what did I decide to make for dinner???
It just goes on and on like that until I finally reach my front door and run breathlessly into the house.  I can't help but wonder - am I the only person whose mind goes into overdrive like that while working out?  I mean all that mental stimulus should be a workout in and of itself!


ens said...
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Anonymous said...

my mind goes crazy too.. but mine is more like "this isn't so bad.. i bet i could keep going for like .. oh 4 more miles... oh wait, 4 more miles would be 8 miles and 8 miles is a really long way to go... oh crap my knee hurts.. i wonder what im going to have for dinner.. i wonder what chris is doing.. its 4:00 here so 12:00 there... ugh he's sleeping.. or is he awake.. i wonder if he's working the night shift.. etc etc i could go on and on :) But it's a good half hour to just let your mind wander! It really takes the edge off. I'm pretty excited too because i just got my garmin back today...woppie!

Anonymous said...

I always have the most random, greatest ideas when I'm running. And then can't remember them later :)

Mateya said...

Ha! I do the same thing...my brain seriously goes all over the place! One second I am thinking about random wedding stuff, or how I will decorate our new house, or how much work sucked today, and the next minute I am thinking, "I wonder how long I have been running...I should really get a Garmin...this isn't so bad I should go for another mile, okay wow I am tired, time to go home haha!

Sarah Ann said...

Your thoughts are so funny :) And my mind does the same thing. It is the best and worse thing to be alone with my thoughts!

Tamara Nicole said...

You are sooooo cute! And no worries,I am the same way:) Randomness and all! Lol.

I need to get back to running! tried yesterday and MAN was it hard! After weeks of travelling and eating and no workouts,I can feel the difference lol. BUT I'll keep on keepin on and I know it'll get better.

Thanks also for all of your entries for my giveaway! I'd say you have great odds:-)

Have a great day dear!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I'm glad I am not alone with my crazy thoughts!! :) Cute post!

Good for you to get back into running!! Proud of you!!! You're very motivating!!

MrsThomas said...

that is TOTALLY me! :P The hubs always tells me he can see my wheels turning when I'm quiet for too long ;) the other day in the car I was quiet for like 15 min and he was like, "is your head going to explode? do you need to talk it out?" so glad he knows me so well :)

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Hahaha!! Too funny! I know exactly how you feel. My mind goes crazy as soon as I have a minute to myself. It's rather hard to turn off sometimes!! I see you like Deadliest Catch! My husband loves that show! He got me into watching Whale Wars this weekend!! Have you seen that? It's really interesting!

Sarah said...

Bahahahaha!!! I do exactly the same thing!!! Even when I'm running at the gym, watching tv, and listening to my iPod. My mind just won't stinkin' stop!

Taylor-Made Wife said...

I absolutely do this!

Mrs. Pick said...

My mind does the same thing I work out! The most random stuff comes to mind!

Lasagna roll-ups sound delish---are you willing to share the recipe?

Brittany Ann said...

I'm the same way. My exercise brain is like a 4-year-old ADD little boy!

Kristin said...

Ha! Totally relate Amber :-). I often think, "Boy if I could only focus my little mind on something for even HALF of this time, maybe I could actually make some important decisions, or spend some good time w/ God, or brainstorm for an upcoming class." If only... Reality is: I just end up being completely scatterbrained every time!

Kelly said...

That's funny! When i run my thoughts sound like this:
Breathe, quit holding your breath.
How do I run and breathe at the same time should I breathe in for two steps and out for 3?
How does that work - I think I'm gonna pass out becuse I'm out of breath. Oh God I can’t breathe – it’s time to stop and just walk.

As you can see I don't get very far!

d.a.r. said...

Bahahahhaa, yep, this is me. To a "t".

Chloë said...

hahahaha I JUST read this (I don't know why it took so long) and it made me internally laugh hardcore! I have the stupidest thoughts while running, but somehow I think that makes the journey a little more fun!

{and ps. being from new jersey, i just have to say that "jersey shore" is blasphemous and a horrible misrepresntation and should be pulled off television. but that's all. :) glad i got that out}

Stacey said...

This is more me when I am trying to go to sleep. I love the name Denise, but it really doesn't matter what her first name is since you will call her Denise - right?? Still like December, that was such a unique story!
But on the treadmill I do have to remind myself that I can go 2 miles and that every twenty steps the number changes. And if I run for at least a minute the time will pass by faster, but two minutes seems to be the top right now for running..

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