Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Winner FINALLY Is...

OH WOW!  I am BEYOND annoyed with Blogger these days. I have been trying to write this post since Friday, but have been unable to post anything.  I can't make comments on my favorite blogs - I can't leave posts of my own.  Is anyone else experiencing these technical difficulties?  It's like I have "read only" access to Blogger!

Anywho - I should have announced this on Friday, but as explained, I was unable to do so.

The winner of the CSN $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway is

Stephanie over at Live. Laugh. Love.

Congrats to Stephanie and thank-you to everyone who participated. 
:) :) :)


Natalie said...

i've been having problems too but mine was only yesterday! i heard a lot of people were so you are not alone!

b.fox* said...

Yes. LOTS of people were having some problems. 1 girl it DELETED her WHOLE BLOG and she couldn't find it!!


THE Stephanie said...

YAY! So excited! Thanks again :)

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