Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Could Never Be A Traveling Salesman

Whew!  I'm exhausted!  Still in Dallas this morning and preparing to leave for the clinic. 

Let me tell you - I could never be a traveling salesman!  I arrived at the airport at 7:20 yesterday morning and caught my flight to Dallas.  Arrived at 10:30 Dallas time (11:30 Charlotte time).  Headed straight to the clinic and worked until 7:30 Dallas time (8:30 Charlotte time). Yeah - I'm pooped!

On a positive note - I got to wear scrubs in the clinic all day.  Talk about being comfortable!  I seriously wish I could wear scrubs at the office each day.  Although I'm pretty sure I would gain 15 pounds easily because they are so comfy and give so much!

On the most positive note - I had the best Mexican food of my life last night.  Pappasito's.  O.M.G.  Tamales, enchiladas, queso, and possibly even a margarita with the boss for working so hard.  :)  I'm still stuffed this morning!

So now I'm off to work!  Hoping to catch an early flight out today and head home to my honey.  I've enjoyed my brief trip to Dallas, but you know what they say - there's no place like home!


THE Stephanie said...

Mmmmm... Pappasito's! Yep. Welcome to Texas! :)

amy anne said...

Welcome to Tex-Mex, but it's spoils you because nothing is ever as good. You should try to go to Chuy's before you leave...that's my favorite place!

Tamara Nicole said...

Oh dear you do not want to wear scrubs everyday! Lol I have been for the past 10 years (yes since I was 17!!!). Although they are cute scrubs and comfy, I get sooo tired of them and just want to look cute. Wear heels! Ha ha but I guess I'm doing ok cause I haven't put on weight with the scrubs.

Hope you are having fun!!!

Mrs. Nelson said...

So glad you got a taste of our TEX MEX! :) I had Pappasito's on Sunday :) Also, make sure you go to Chuy's if you can and have their creamy jalapeno ranch dip :) THE BEST STUFF EVER MADE!

Mateya said...

Yum...that Mexican food sounds awesome!

Sometimes I wish I could wear scrubs every day too. How nice would it be to not have to think about what to wear in the morning :)

Stacey said...

welcome back!

Kelsea Gunter said...

The same happens to me! I love traveling and I get excited about every trip. Somehow, though, no matter how fun the trip is, being away from home can actually be quite exhausting!

Safe travels!

* Tyly * said...

Pappasito's is my ALL TIME favorite restaurant!!! We have to travel over an hour to get there, but we drive it just to eat there! If there's a next time, have their fajitas! AMAZING. Pappasito's is better than every other Mexican restaurant out there!!

PinkLouLou said...

OMG I love mexican!!! ANd Margaritas!! Way to do it right girl

Brittany Ann said...

I'm with you. The few times I've traveled for work, I was wiped.

allie-mac-fallie said...

wait, do you live in charlotte and you're visiting dallas!? crazy -- thats my hometown and where i currently live in that order! have a safe trip!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Ooo... now I'm craving Pappsito's. They're the best!

I wish I could wear scrubs all day... I don't think that's business casual, though.. :(

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