Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day - Words of Wisdom

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday, so I thought today would just be another normal day, but was pleasantly surprised by an amazing sermon from Pastor Greg this morning.  His words are so applicable to today's holiday that I thought I would share his words of wisdom my readers.

As I have said before, I am so grateful that God lead Steven and I to Five Stones.  I feel like Pastor Greg is preaching directly to Steven and I every Sunday.  This morning was no different. In honor of Valentine's Day, Pastor Greg started a series titled "Explosive Love".  Over the next 6 weeks we will study our way through Song of Solomon and look at love and marriage as God intended for it to be.

The sermon focused on aspects of marriage that many take for granted.  It is important for us to remain attractive to our spouse - no you don't need to look like a supermodel every single day, but it doesn't hurt to get dolled up every once and a while for your special someone.  It is important for married couples to do fun and exciting activities together - share special time together and enjoy spending quality time with your spouse.  It is also important to guard your marriage from harmful friendships.  If your friends constantly bad mouth your husband or wife - how great of friends are they really?  Do you have a relationship with a person of the opposite sex that might cause your devotion to your spouse to stumble??  Lastly Pastor Greg discussed creating an "oasis" at home that both you and your spouse will be happy to come home to.  The outside world is so critical, so difficult - life can eat you up and spit you out in a split second.  Work to create an environment of love and peace in your home so both you and your spouse always feel welcomed and content.

I wish I could articulate Pastor Greg's words more clearly.  I sat there listening to his sermon as if he were speaking directly to me.  Too often I am so hard on Steven.  Instead of welcoming him home after a long day at the office, I immediately start asking him questions or requesting that he complete some chore.  Instead of telling him how grateful I am for how hard he works to provide a nice life for us, I focus on all the fact that he hasn't taken out the trash yet.  Instead of giving him a knee buckling kiss that says "Your my man and I love you", I brush right past him and start tending to the dogs. 

Throughout his sermon Pastor posed multiple questions that I think any married couple should ask one another - whether you are a Christian or not, these truths can be applied to your marriage.  As your spouse these questions - listen to their answers without arguing or becoming defensive - and try to apply their answers to your marriage. 

-What is one compliment you wish I told you more often?
-Is there anything I could do to be more attractive to you - physically or otherwise?
-Is there a fun activity that we could do together?
-Are there any names that I call you that are hurtful?
-Do I have any friendships that you feel may be hurting our marriage?
-What can I do to make our home an oasis for you?  A safe place from the harsh realities of life??

I know after talking with Steven and asking him the questions above, I feel like I have a better understanding of how I can make him feel respected as my husband and loved as my partner.  I'm looking forward to the remaining five weeks in Pastor Greg's series and discovering God's will for our marriage and our life together.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Wow! Great questions. I copied them and am going to email them to Mark. Thanks!


agalandherdog said...

Thanks for the questions. I'm definitely going to go over them with my husband tonight.

KatherineAnne said...

I love this post. Mr. B and I will have to look over those questions :) Thank you so much for posting them. I hope y'all had a beautiful and blessed weekend!

Stacey said...

And I told your Dad that you did your blog on the sermon Sunday, so guess who may come to visit!!!

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