Saturday, February 13, 2010

Holy Crow! That's A Lot Of SNOW!

It finally has happened - Charlotte got dumped with a ton of snow last night!!  Unfortunately for us, the evening ended with a car accident.  Steven and I went out to grab a couple necessities before the roads got too bad. In the span of 45 minutes the roads got really, really bad.  On the way home we saw a van stranded in a ditch.  There was a woman with two small children inside and Steven decided to pull over to help pull them out.  We were well off the side of the road and as he opened the driver side door to get out of the car, a driver on the road lost control and side swiped him.  Thank the Lord that he was able to jump back in the car and avoid being hit - not so thankfully his door is completely messed up.  It won't close!!  But again - thank God no one was truly hurt.  Now let's see how this insurance thing plays out and if her insurance company will pay for the damages.

Just trying to do a good deed - Poor Yukon

But we have decided not to let this little accident ruin our Valentine's Day weekend.  My puppies absolutely love the snow.  They have stayed outside all morning long prancing and playing.  They LOVE it! So here is a little photo shoot of the beautiful snow we received here.  :)
That's 6 Inches!
Steven left me a message in the snow! 
Playing tough with daddy

My handsome man - Bauer

Pretty Dixie with snow on her face - she loves to eat it!

Snow covered downtown Waxhaw
Hope you're having a great Saturday wherever you may be!


Alissa said...

Wowzer, can I come over and play in that? As I'm typing it's about 70 degrees and supposed to get in the high 70's to low 80's. That looks like fun.

Stacey said...

Glad you posted pictures of the puppies for me. Hate that about the SUV. It's melting away now, so normal will return soon.

KatieB. said...

Pretty snow! Enjoy!!

Miss Kriss said...

Ohhhhhh no! I hate to hear about your accident last night! But I am super glad to hear that everyone is fine and that the damage was only minor! :) Enjoy that snow, girlie! We are super sick of it here! :)

Ashley said...

I can't believe that we got so much snow last is crazy. Charlotte has never gotten so much snow. ha! I can't believe that you got side swiped last night too....gosh I am sorry! I am so happy no one got hurt though. that is a relief!

Tori and Chad said...

Your puppies are so cute!!! I can't wait 'til Jackson gets big!

Amber said...

Oh my goodness, this is weird to find someone else in Waxhaw! I lived there for my whole life and just moved to Charlotte right after we got married in December.

I'm glad you both are okay! How scary!

Heather Martin said...

Im sorry that yall got into a small accident especially while doing something good for someone else. Hope yall have a great VDAY! The snow looks wonderful!

Risley said...

The snow is SO pretty! the Yukon.. not so pretty! thank god everyone is ok!

MG said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

We got snow in our part of the state, but it pretty much melted away by the next afternoon :(

Nishant said...

That looks like fun.
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Stephanie Hartman said...

Oh goodness girl I'm sorry to hear about the car accident but good thing noone was really hurt. I Love the snow pics and your pup are adorable..

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