Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one} What a weekend!  My little brother (seven) and sister (twenty) stayed with us this weekend while my parents were out of town.  It was really nice to have them at the house.  Got a little shopping done, played some Wii with Ethan, watched a couple movies.  Rather carefree weekend!

{two} I survived week one of CrossFit!  I have been sore all week.  Literally -  I also completed my first long run of the training schedule yesterday.  It feels GREAT to have been so active last week and I'm looking forward to another week of pushing myself and getting those results I'm looking for! 

For those of you who asked if I really think it's worth the money - Yes I absolutely do.  I'm cheap (as you know) and I will gladly pay this membership fee each month.  It's so much cheaper than a personal trainer. These are the best workouts I have ever done in my life and I have tried everything including a personal trainer.  You can't beat it.

{three} Day One of "The Zone Diet" began this morning.  It's the diet suggested for all CrossFitters.  Steven and I figure if we're gonna do this - we might as well do it right.  So Monday-Friday we will be sticking strictly to The Zone.  Taking the weekend off for a little indulgence (little being the hopefully operative word!)  Has anyone done Zone before -any meal suggestions?

{four} Fall isn't coming quickly enough.  What is with this ridiculously hot weather?  I mean, we're almost into September and the temperatures haven't dropped in the slightest - if anything is feels hotter!  Please Dear Lord send us some relief!!!

{five} I found a new favorite grocery store this weekend: Aldi Foods.  This place is even better priced than Super WalMart (I'm not kidding!)  While they dont' have everything you need, and the prices on what they do have in stock were the lowest I have ever seen!  I will definitely be shopping here for stable foods such as bread, cheese, milk, eggs, meats, canned veggies, etc. 

{six} Don't forget to enter my Metro Line 6 Photography Giveaway which ends tomorrow night!!!


agalandherdog said...

I love Aldi! Sometimes it's a pain to go there and to another grocery store to get everything on my list, but I've gotten the best deals!

And I tried Crossfit before with my brother-in-law, but it was sooo hard! I may have to give it another try because there's a Crossfit gym literally 1 minute from my house. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Aldi is great I love the low price on produce! Love hearing the updates on Crossfit, their workouts seem so intense!

Ashley said...

I don't think we have an Aldi. :(

Can you update us on the oil skincare treatment you have been doing? I've been curious to see if it's still great.

Melanie said...

I wish there was an Aldi's near us! My good friend in PA shops at one and loves it too!!

Jessica @ Acting Adult said...

Aldi's is such a great store. They're great for the staples, if you're not into brand loyalty.

Brittany said...

Glad to hear you survived week one of Cross Fit :) I need to really try it! M made me sign up for a coed football league starting in September haha wish me luck!

Aldi's is great. We always get our fruits and veggies there because it's so much cheaper than the grocery store!

Tamara Nicole said...

Congrats on Crossfit!!! And yes I entered your giveaway, excited:-)

Anonymous said...

We have an Aldi's here. When we thought we were buying our house we ran there right away to get stocked up. Yep we were that excited... LOL

Mrs. Lukie said...

My life revolves around CrossFit. Seriously...I plan my days/weeks/weekends around it :)

My husband and I used to Zone, but now we're much more Paleo minded. We do Paleo, with a Zone emphasis (so, we don't weigh & measure anymore, we just eyeball it, and we eat fat/carb/protein at each meal, but we stick to only Paleo foods).

I've been eating this way for about 9 months now, so if you have any questions, let me know :)

Good luck & have fun!

Sarah said...

I used to shop at Aldi's. =) They most definitely have good prices. However, I would recommend that you buy your milk at WalMart still. The price (at least when I shopped there) was usually around the same as WalMart's and the milk from Aldi's would taste funny before the actual expiration date. Just a suggestion! They have really great produce too!

Laura said...

I'm so so glad Crossfit is going so well! :) Way to go!! And the run! You will definitely start feeling even better as the weeks go. Not to mention, you'll see the results you want too.. (i'm sure of it..)

Brittany Ann said...

I'm getting that fall itch, too. But the weather here? NOT BUDGING! ugh.

Meg O. said...

I must look into this CrossFit thing. I'm doing a lot of yoga lately which really kicks my #@&#*#^ but I want some cardio!!!

ty said...

I neeeeed fall. And pumpkin spice lattes :)

Kristin said...

Hey Girlfriend! Sounds like a fun weekend! I know what you mean about Fall. I start looking forward to it in July :-). If your forecast is anything like ours though, this week should be a little bit of a relief! - I was thinking about you this morning, my mom and two sisters are headed down your way (Fort Mill) to check out a potential wedding site (The Dairy Barn). I was wondering if you'd heard of it? If so, does it have a good reputation? Lastly, did you get married in that area, and if you did, I just might be bombarding you w/ recommendations :-) (that is if she falls in love w/ the DB). Hope you're having a GREAT week so far my dear! Talk to ya later. - Oh, and P.S. You on Twitter?

Stacey said...

And who turned you on to ALDI? Mom sometimes knows best! I am praying for you today!! I LOVE YOU!!

OneCraftyFox said...

No, no, no, don't say that! I'm not ready for the cooler weather yet :)

I just wanted to let you know I have a Polyvore Challenge on my blog - - the grand prize is a $1,000 Visa Gift Certificate!! We could all use a little extra cash, right? So get over here and win it, lol :)

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